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Atta Galatta


Visual Respiration presents Re:play, a p Visual Respiration presents Re:play, a performance inspired by traditional Indian Games at Atta Gala

LOCALITY : Koramangala
DATE : 29-Nov-2013 to 01-Dec-2013
AGE GROUP : 10 to 14 YEARS

description of Visual Respiration presents Re:play, a performance inspired by traditional Indian Games at Atta Gala

Visual Respiration presents Re:play, a performance inspired by traditional Indian Games at Atta Galatta.


A gripping performance duet inspired by the elements of Indian games like Paramapadham, Pallanguzhi, Pacheesi, Kabaddi.


An immersive performance that asks the audience to be more than a passive spectator.


The rolling of glass marbles (Goli), the toss of Cowrie shells and the cast of the metallic dice take us on a journey down memory lane. Re:play is an exploration of how those games and their elements have inspired people and situations through time. Through performance and storytelling, Re:play is a game that is played with the audience, between the audience and within oneself.


The performance is an immersive experience of the sounds, rhythms, patterns, structures, colours and narratives that traditional Indian games lend themselves to. This 80-minute journey evokes themes of mythology, contemporary events, memory, Indian history as well as Indian folklore and asks the audience to be present in unique ways. The audience becomes part of the performance and through their participation, the performance gains a new meaning.



November 29 (Friday): 7pm

November 30 (Saturday): 2.30 pm and 7 pm

December 1 (Sunday): 2.30 pm and 7 pm

Additional Information

Age Group: 10 to 14

Event Date: 29-Nov-2013 to 01-Dec-2013

Last Date of Registration: 30-Nov-2013

Activities : Plays

Timings: 02:30 PM - 07:00 PM

Reviews of Atta Galatta

Vani,HSR Layout


Make some noiseApr 12,2014


On the evening of 8th Mar, the boy and me left at the nick of time to Atta Galatta to attend the book launch of Junior Kumbakarna. And trust me, I am not one of those coy moms that sits silent in a workshop. So when I told my son at around 4:15 PM at home, that I plan to pack drums and trumphets, he was delighted. And so this time around, we not only carried the usual – biscuits and water bottle, we stopped at a local toy store and bought some trumphets and drums to make noise- to wake up Kumbhakarna ! Arundhati, the author had put in a lot of thought into the setting. Because a huge mattress wrapped in a colorful bedsheet lying on the sofa made it seem like Kumbhakarna himself , or so the kids thought One by one, they tried braying like donkeys, blowing the drums and trumpets ( and here we jumped and blew our trumpets and drums we carried from home ) much to the amusement of the fellow parents , and there was this little girl, a enthu cutlet , that took a peek under the bedsheet only to exclaim : There is nothing in here, much to the amusement of every one around Oh kids ! We went on to make a crown using paper. Kids went on to color Kumbhakarna . The boy got pink and red . And his Kumbhakarna resembled Karimuga, the Pleasant Rakshasha what with his pink cheeks and colorful body we also got our book signed by the author . As for the book itself, we love the illustrations that are playful and it is turning out to be a hit in many Indian households. AAhhh ! there is something about Rakshashas that make them very lovable . and if it is a harmless, food loving , sleep loving Rakshasha, that burps loud and does not want to wake up on time – the pleasure only doubles for kids PS : I have been drawing parallels to a sleep loving lion called Shanmugam from another popular Tulika book – Snoring Shanmugam at home. Did Kumbhakarna do Khurrr Psssh like Shanumgam the lion, I ask my son . I loved Arundhati’s setting and I am going to turn few pillows into Kumbhakarna to add to the fun Mommies, if you love books and have been doing playdates, why not pick this book and turn pillows and bedspreads into a giant. I am sure kids would love it . With just a few more days to go for the summer vacations , both mommy and son are ready to turn into Kumbhakarna’s , what with waking up every day by 6 AM to fix tiffin boxes It is amazing to see Bengaluru mommy bloggers turn into authors


Sheeba,HSR Layout


A unique bookstore where events galoreMar 18,2014


The monthly event for the kids .......storywallah is a must watch. The very interesting way in which kids stories are told will capture their interest and they are forever going to sing the song....aa gaya aagaya storywala aagaya....We try to make it whenever possible, because my kid loves it. What I also love about this place is the opportunity given to budding artists to showcase their work. And most of the time, it does not cost us a thing to attend these events!




This was NOT for 6- to 14-year-olds!Mar 01,2014


I brought my 11-year-old, but had to leave after about 10 minutes. Stories about mistresses, dark children, fair skin, etc., is not what I'd like my 11-year-old to hear just yet.


Vani,HSR Layout


Stories for Adults - By the StorywallahsDec 28,2013


Kabhi Socha na tha .... Kabhi Socha na tha,ki bachchon ke binaa bhi stories sun paayenge ( Never thought that one day could listen to stories minus the kids Yes that's what the storywallahs did precisely. This evening was an evening of stories by Ameen for adults. Dwelling on themes of love, longing, trust and dreams, the story wallahs regaled the adult audience with stories from Africa and far off The icing on the cake was the Hindi shaayari Kabhi socha na tha , that was narrated under a single breath by Ameen Thanks Ameen. Thanks for vegetarian soup for the Indian soul on a wintery december evening


Vani,HSR Layout


One day One story - Kid and Parent foundation + Ever After LearningDec 28,2013


For World Literacy day held in September, the awesome mommas from Ever After Learning and Kid and Parent Foundation together put not one but 3 stories for kids at Atta Galatta Koramangala Deeptha from Ever After narrated the story of Paplu the Giant, A pratham book chosen for the day all over India The folks from kid and parent foundation read from 2 Pratham books - Bablu bear and Grandpa Fish And The Radio The kids enjoyed a simple game of ulta pulta and going in rounds. Each kid was given a sheet of paper where they could draw characters from the stories narrated earlier As always , we ended the day by buying cookies from the Atta Galatta bakery Thanks Ever After and Kid and parent foundation for a evening well spent


Vani,HSR Layout


A Children’s Day Story – 14th Nov, 5:00PMDec 28,2013


On the 14th of November this year, I dashed off from work at 4 PM , headed straight to my son's daycare, disrobed him and transformed him into a mini batman and had boarded an auto to atta galatta where a story telling event was scheduled to happen for the occasion of Children's day. Kids came in all shapes and dresses - from Batmans, to mickeys, from Iron mans to princesses; Shreya Biswas, a new story teller in town regaled the boys and girls and mommas and daddies with the famous Ekki Dokki story from Tulika Publishers. Ekki was a good girl. Dokki was vain and proud. Dokki learns a lesson or two on kindness and being humble And do you know once the sun and the moon lived on earth and water was their friend. One day water invited them to his home and the moon and sun decided to dwell on the sky when the water reached their knees and they feared they would drown. This African story and the Maharastrian Ekki Dokki kept the kids enthalled . And going with the atta Atta Galatta fame, cookies freshly off the oven were served to little boys and girls And as always . we picked a book from their store on the first floor before we headed home all happy and feeling very batman like


Vani,HSR Layout


The StorywallahsDec 28,2013


Aagaya Aaagya Story wallah aagaya, Aagaya Aaagya story waalah aagaya ..... his stories are the best in the town and thus begins every session with the story wallahs . With the narrator singing a mini jiggle using his mouth organ The Storywallahs have taken Bengaluru by storm literally. Ameen , the story wallah has been performing at various places across Bengaluru. We have attended his monthly meetups at Atta Galatta. So calendars are marked well in advance so as not to miss his stories From a momma mouse and papa mouse wanting to find a suitable groom for their daughter mouse, to stories of an evil spider devouring animals in the jungle , to stories of the rainbow bird, the story wallahs have kept kids and adults enthralled with their stories Often it is diffcult to judge if its the adult that had the most fun or the child . Because we all have a child hidden within us . Agreed? So what are you waiting for. Like the Storywallahs ( on Facebook and get ready to be enthralled by stories as you hop on to the story train


Vani,HSR Layout


Christmas Tales @ Ever After LearningDec 28,2013


On a quiet Sunday afternoon. while the rest of Bangalore was enjoying a nap , we slipped out to attend a Christmas story session at Ever After Learning , at Sobha Lake view Club House , Bellandur Bangalore. Deeptha is friend whom I met in another story workshop at Atta Galatta ,so Deeptha was happy we could make it to her session. We were the only ones to have travelled a distance to listen to her stories. The rest of the audience were moms, grand parents and kids residing within the apartment complex The first story that Deeptha narrated that truly warmed me up was the story of The Baker. The Baker’s dozen is a Saint Nicholas Tale story that wants us to believe in spirits and miracles. A beautiful story that teaches us to be generous and give with all our heart without sounding too preachy. The story book is The Baker’s Dozen by Aaron Shepard Story 2 was another heart warming story of how a poor family gets home a X mas tree that lies on a rubbish pile. Nevertheless the family gets all excited and decorates it with pop corn,a baby rattle and what not. The tree feels very happy to be accepted and loved in the presence of the family. The story book : THE TREE-WITHIN-THE-TREE by Sally Huss teaches a lesson or two on how being appreciative brings happiness and love Together we all tried singing the Deck the halls carol, followed by Rudolph the reindeer song There was also a puzzle for older kids which I managed to finish pretty quick ;-) We happily got back home after checking out a really colorful huge santa clause walking stick in one of the super markets in that area Thanks Ever After Learning for introducing us to brand new international stories. Ain't it an awesome way to await Christmas tree. The bakers story truly warmed me up and being a picture book enthusiast , I prayed that santa would place it under the X mas tree for me.


Vani,HSR Layout


Around the Story Tree - With Vikram SridharDec 28,2013


Being a story enthusiast, I scout for story events in and around Bangalore over the weekends. That is how I chanced upon Vikram and his around the story tree initiative. Vikram is a theatre personality associated with Tahatto. Of late, Vikram has been bringing stories and stage for kids , with his unique story telling . On the evening of 21st Dec 2013, we attended the Under the Christmas tree story event held at Atta Galatta, a up scale book store in Koramangala Bengaluru Vikram's USP is in keeping his stories simple and very interactive for kids. . His stories have kids naming all the characters, kids choose what animals should be in, what colors the animals wear, whether they were happy or sad… tra la la la.. you get it right . So in all likelihood , you can have a dinosaur sharing an umbrella with a mouse or an ant eating a dragon - a mix and match put up by kids like the famed bisi bele bath of Bengaluru So the kids shouted the animal names that ought to live in cold regions and just like that Vikram had a story that had santa and the animals So instead of Santa gifting people around the world, this story had animals that visited Santa and got him gifts when he was old and down with a flu Interesting ain’t it It does not matter if it makes sense or not, but what matters is that kids screamed and laughed and had a very “INTERACTIVE EVENING” And from not wanting to tell anything about himself , and screaming Gruffalo when asked for the name of any animal, our 4 year old had a great guffaw time that evening The children also got to decorate a X-mas tree at the book store. Kids and adults were treated to special Christmas cookies and cinnamon rolls again a speciality of Atta Galatta We walked back home happily and on the way , my 4 year old said " Amma I liked the santa story" There you go , a evening well spent amongst screaming and imaginative stories Keep them coming Vikram