Woodrich Club
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Age Group
1 to 60
Key Attractions
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? ?I?t? s? ?t?h?e? ?k?i?n?d? ?o?f? ?p?l?a?c?e? ?w?h?e?r?e? ?y?o?u? l?l? ?s?u?d?d?e?n?l?y? ?f?i?n?d? ?m?o?r?e? ?t?i?m?e? ?o?n? ?y?o?u?r? ?h?a?n?d?s?.? ?T?o? ?d?o? ?t?h?e? ?t?h?i?n?g?s? ?y?o?u? v?e? ?a?l?w?a?y?s? ?w?a?n?t?e?d? ?t?o? ?d?o?.? ?P?l?a?y?,? ?r?e?l?a?x?,? ?a?n?d? ?r?e?j?u?v?e?n?a?t?e? ?y?o?u?r?s?e?l?f?.

WOODRICH ANBI CLUB is rich in natural gifts granted by nature. Fresh air, Greenery, Peace and rich in the facilities built by man.ANBI Club (Woodrich) is located over a 8 acres expanse of calm Countryside off Devanahalli – Doddaballapur Road, about 7 Kms from Devanahalli with aesthetic looks, Health & Recreation facilities amidst lush green lawns and gardens.For over ten years, Woodrich has been a perfect getaway for those seeking fun and adventure, rest and tranquility. It’s the kind of place where you’ll suddenly find more time on your hands. To do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Play, relax, and rejuvenate yourself.The attraction at ANBI Club is the well maintained `L’ shaped Swimming Pool, 150 ft. in length, with toddler’s pool and a winding slide to add to the excitement. The other amenities at ANBI Club are the Snooker/Billiards, Table Tennis, Badminton (Indoor), Carom and Basket ball court (outdoor), Cricket Ground, Rain Dance Bay and provision for Campfire in the kids arena spread over one acre of park with all modern play items.

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Mr. Karunakar
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Plot No 218, Anegatta Village KA IN - 562110   Devanahalli  
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  • Poorly maintained facility
    May 10,2014
    One of my friends visited with group of families to Bangalore and stayed here for a night as part of their package. After that I picked him from here and moved to my house. I took a tour of facilities when I went to pick my friend. I found it low end as compared to other resorts in Bangalore. Pool w... 
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