A to Z PolyClinic & Bangalore Cancer Clinic
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Age Group
0 to 60
Days & Timings
All 7 days - 10:30am to 1:30pm & 5:30 to 8:00pm

Incurable Disease? RecurrentProblem? Get cured of any 'incurable' Disease. Be healed of 'surgical' problems without Surgery! Improve Immunity! Prevent Recurrent Problems.

We, at A to Z Polyclinic & Bangalore Cancer Clinic are specialized in offering excellent preventatives and treatments to cure all kinds of ailment/ sicknesses including things like Allergy, Asthma Arthritis, Obesity,STD,Mental Problems, DI addiction of Alcohol, Tobacco,CIggerettes,RObbery and Bad habbits, BP, ENT, Eyes, Gastric gyanaec, Indigestion Heart, Kidney, Menstrual, Obesit, Skin , Sex & ALL TYPES OF CANCERS, Swine flu, chikungunya, dengue fever etc.) using American High Grade, HOMEOPATHY, Our treatments are hundred percent safe because HOMEOPATHY IS NEEDLE FREE, SYRINGE FREE AND CONTAMINATION FREE AND MOREVER NO POISON DOSES OR STERIODS OR CHEMICALS IN m.g. DOSES , as all the professionals associated with us have a rich experience of their relevant field and are familiar with the best methods and remedies helpful to end any disease, you have been suffering from. Prior to starting treatment, they do an in-depth study of the patient’s case history that helps in understanding the most beneficial method or remedy to help him/her.

All consultations are supervised by highly qualified specialists who have vast experience of treating several diseases successfully. Our clinic has a successful track record of treating thousands of people not only from India, but also from all over the world. If you are searching for a reliable and perfect clinic to help you out in recovering from any disease permanently and completely, A to Z Polyclinic & Bangalore Cancer Clinic is the right place. We are ready to help our patients 'round the clock and also welcome your emails to let us know about the problems you have been suffering from.

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Dr Rao
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3, 2nd cross, srinivasa colony Near KH Road and Mission Road Opp HCG Bangalore Cancer Hospital KA IN - 560027   Richmond Road  
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