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Mindgroom Services- Counseling & Wellness Services

Mindgroom Services provides professional and confidential counselling services for individuals, children, adolescents and couples at our centers. We also provide counselling and training services on location for organizations including Schools, Colleges, Corporates, NGOs etc.  

Mindgroom Services represents a journey of awareness and growth, a progress, a transformation that leads towards your goals. Any change, transformation, awareness, real lasting progress to happen, will need to commence from your "Innermost Heart". This transformation would enable the journey towards a new beginning. While “Grooming” represents hope, a new beginning, a positive movement, a move towards a better future. We are a group of trained counsellors, who work with you to facilitate your  journey of growth and greater awareness towards your emotional wellbeing, towards the progress that you want to make in your life.


We intend to promote health through behavioral changes and attempt to prevent illness in other ways as well. As a team of Thought professionals, we try to help people to lead a healthy life by the use of various techniques and technology which can help people to make long-lasting changes in their own lives by using thought interventions. These techniques are specifically designed and used to modify an individual’s behavior, emotional state, or feelings.


The ultimate goal behind thought interventions is not only to alleviate symptoms but also to target the root cause of the illness. These interventions can also be used to promote good health in order to prevent further illnesses. At Mindgroom these interventions are not tailored towards treating a condition but are designed to foster healthy emotions, attitudes and habits. Such interventions can improve quality of life and overall health. Interventions can be diverse and can be tailored specifically to the individuals or groups receiving treatment depending on their needs. This versatility adds to the effectiveness in addressing all kinds of situations.


Counselling is a safe place for you to be yourself, for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding your life situations, your experiences, challenges, problem areas that you want to explore and understand better. Your counsellor is genuinely interested in your wellbeing, your priorities and your progress towards your goals. The counselling relationship is warm, accepting and confidential where your counsellor accepts you as you are without forming any judgments about you.


The counsellor provides an environment that is confidential and professional where you can feel safe to consider and attempt at new ways of thinking and behavior, develop new skills, gain clarity, make your decisions, discover personal strengths, identify resources within yourself and environment that you can leverage, and find ways to address or cope with your life situation effectively.


The counsellor does not give advice or tell you what to do or give solutions to your problems. Your counsellor facilitates greater awareness of yourself, and enables you to manage your challenges better; work on improving yourself/your relationships and progress on the goals that you set for yourself. Your counsellor and you work together collaboratively on your areas of focus.


The duration of the counselling process will depend on your goals that you want to set for yourself and your progress. You can set the pace that you are comfortable with. Your counselor will discuss with you to get your feedback on the approach, pace and make changes appropriately.

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Mr. Vinod Kumar Jeengar
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#231, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross, Koramangala 8th Block, Bangalore Near Corporation Bank KA IN - 560095   Koramangala  
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  • Life Coaching Skills
    Mar 02,2016
    Vinod is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach who does a great job of really listening, identifying what needs to be worked on, and then empowering you to find solutions and move forward. He is subtle in her approach, never heavy-handed, yet has a highly intelligent way of communicating, pinp... 
  • Great work! :)
    Mar 02,2016
    This was a nice course. It helped me understand my child more. This is a great help for me and my son. Great work! :) This course is very informative and it raises awareness to the special needs of individuals we encounter each day. It also enhances our tolerance for the differences in others. 
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