location_on Sushant Lok I
Age Group
1 to 10
Days & Timings
Mon to Fri- 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Other Information
Average Fees
On request
Air Conditioned Rooms
Doctor On Call
Pick-up and Drop Facility
Child Attendant Ratio
Other Activities
The KIDDIES PLANET provide a wide range of fun activities to engage the child and help them learn new things. For example, coloring, painting, puzzles, rhymes, music and dance.

The KIDDIES PLANET has been designed to be a home away from home, as working parents today are anxious about the time they are away from their children, whether the child has eaten on time, whether he or she has had an afternoon nap, whether he or she is creatively & fruitfully occupied and most Important whether he or she is in the right and caring hands. It is best for the parents who don’t feel safe to leave their kids with nannies. Lots of cases have come up where maids or nannies have harmed the children in their parent’s absence. The KIDDIES PLANET gives the child a more homely feeling. Kids may feel less uncomfortable than in a bigger center daycare. The children can play with others and have that interaction with peers or children older and younger than them. The KIDDIES PLANET is best for the parents who don’t feel safe to leave their kids with nannies.The KIDDIES PLANET is having people who look after the children in a motherly way to inculcate Healthy eating habits, team spirit, a caring attitude and hobby development in every child who comes to the centre.   To provide best care & individual attention, we take only limited children in the facility. To save working mother’s hassles, the KIDDIES PLANET provides nutritious meals and snacks to cater the needs of all the children.

Contact Person
Mrs. Priyanka Mehandru
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C-Block Near Vyapar Kendra HR IN - 122001   Sushant Lok I   Nearest Metro Station: Huda City Center
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