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5 to 15
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Brain training (Mid Brain Activation) package....
A perfect lifetime gift for you children.
That will :
Increase interest in study
Increase memory power
Alertness, focus & concentration
Complete homework without supervision
Brain activities enhancement
Eradication of negative behaviour
Enhanced problem solving ability
Improved decision making ability
You will be able to know :
Child’s natural character traits
Thinking type/Innate quotients
Identify best learning style for him/her
Identify his/her innate talents and weaknesses
Subject and educational stream selection
Reduce time, money, effort wasted over irrelevant course & classes
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Sharp Brain Academy
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Rekha Sarda & Shilpa Sodhani started Sharp Brain Academy to optimize the power of your child's brain through Center Brain Ignition (CBI) & DMIT.

Brainx CBI (Center Brain Ignition) also known as Mid brain activation, is a scientifically designed memory enhancement program which comprises three month’s workshop, for children with the age group of 5 to 15 years, which synchronizes the left brain with the right brain and enhances the power of the brain and confidence etc… . As we are all aware of the left brain, which is more analytical and logical in thinking abilities, whereas the right brain is supposed resulting into the increase in concentration, focus, memory retention, creativity, reading & writing ability to be more creative and imaginative in nature. But unfortunately our current educational syllabus is more as lean towards the development of the Left and the Right Brain.

How Mid brain activation i.e.(CBI) works?

1.Mid brain activation leads to the development of both left and right brain of a child, which are responsible for LOGICS and CREATIVITY respectively.

2.The Mid Brain Activation unlock the true potential of our senses:- Visual- Auditory (hear)- Kinaesthetic (feel)- Gustarory (taste)- Olfactory (smell)

After Mid Brain Activation, the brain receives more information through the senses organ and leads to enhancement in the sensory power of the child. Our brain processes the information acquired by our senses and results into understanding, learning and memorizing.

PROOF OF ACTIVATION :The child will be able to identify colours/ shapes/ words through the other senses other than the eyes which is just another medium for the brain to process.

Gradually, they develop the ability to even read with closed eyes and do activities people do with open eyes.

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Ms. Rekha Sarda / Shilpa Sodhani
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119, 2nd Floor, (Above Central Bank of India), Shakti Vihar, Pitampura Near Rani Bagh Market DL IN - 110034   Pitampura   Nearest Metro Station: Pitampura
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