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True to its name, SHALOM, which means PEACE, the Motto of the Shalom Hills School is World Peace Through Education. Every activity at the School is centered around the child providing him or her a free atmosphere, filled with love and care, making it possible for an over all development of the child as an individual.

Shalom Hills International School was founded with the focus to provide a holistic education with time-tested traditions and strong sense of values, combining academic excellence with personal capabilities. The institution has put together world-class educational facilities with diversity of curricular options. Shalom is an institution with a difference, committed to excellence, and high achievements.

Facilities at Shalom Hills International School
  • Activities: CBSE Schools
  • Age Group: 2 to 14
  • Board Affiliation: CBSE
  • Sports Facilities: Cricket,Basketball,LawnTennis,Table Tennis,Gymnasium,Skating,Chess,Carrom,Badminton, Aerobics,Yoga etc.
  • School Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Pick-up and Drop Facility: Yes
  • Type Of School: Regular
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 20:1
  • Classes Offered: Pre-nursery to XIIth
  • Average Fees: Rs.4500/-
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Art,Music,Dance,Skating,Skill Clubs
  • Air Conditioned Classes: No
  • Other information: The Shalom Hills School is World Peace Through Education
  • Smart Classroom Aids: Yes

Additional Information :



Exchange programme/National level competitions/Discussion Forums


1- Senior students join the prestigious Rotary Interact Club -Shalom Hills International School has always involved its students in community service and teaches its students the value of individual responsibility and service to others through its ‘beyond academics’ activities. As part of its vision and mission, the school also believes in world fellowship of youth united in the ideal of service.  For this reason, it sent 15 students of Class XI to DILA meeting of Interact Rotary Club Meeting in Apeejay School, New Delhi on 6th September’12. The senior students were briefed about their roles, duties and responsibilities as the President, Vice President, Secretary and Directors of the Interact Club of their school. This endeavour will serve the dual objective of developing leadership skills and personal integrity in the students as well as advancing international understanding and goodwill by being part of Interact which has become a worldwide phenomenon. 


2. A discussion on ‘U.S Presidential Election’ in American Center, Delhi on 3rd October’12- In a secular school like Shalom Hills International School, a lot of opportunities by way of group discussions, school debates, brainstorming sessions in Political Science classes are given to the Gen-X of the Senior Wing to learn about the different forms of governance, what is a democratic set-up and how is a democratic government different from a republican government. One such opportunity to learn ‘hands down’ about the most eagerly awaited U.S presidential elections to be held on November 6, 2012 and the run-up to it came to some of the students of Classes IX-XI when they visited American Center on 3rd October’12 along with their teacher Ms. Shikha Nagpal

3-Senior students go on an Industrial visit to Encore Office Systems on 31st October’12 -The students of Shalom Hills International School visited at ‘Encore Office Systems Pvt. Ltd’ as a part of ROTRACT initiative. After a warm welcome and brief introduction by Mr. Amarjeet Singh, President of the Rotract Initiative, the children were briefed by Mr Sushil Singhal, Director of Encore about the purpose of the factory visit which was to give the visiting children ‘hands on’ knowledge about the furniture made by the composite wood (waste out of wood). 

4- Visit by Mauritian Society of Quality Control Circles to Shalom Hills International School on 5th November’12-Visits by students from other countries and the student exchange programme open new horizons and a world of untold opportunities for the youngsters of the host as well as the visiting country. Students get to experience what it is like to live and learn in another country, which proves to be an eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, at a very young age, the children can cast of the travel bug and on the other hand, these visits provide budding linguists with an opportunity to immerse themselves in another language and develop their skills in a foreign study environment.

5-1st Interact Zonal Meeting held in Shalom Hills International School on 6th November’12-The mildly sunny morning of November 6, 2012 witnessed the 1st Interact Zonal Meet held in Shalom Hills International School to celebrate the charter of the first Interact Club which was formed in 1962 in Florida, U.S.A. Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. Today, there are over 11,400 Interact Clubs in 125 different countries. On this day, the Interact members participate in a variety of activities to increase Interact awareness in their communities.

6- Senior students of Shalom Hills International School take part in Japan Quiz on 7th November’12- Senior students of Grades of Class IX participated in a high-powered Japan Quiz at Sai International Auditorium, Lodhi Institutional Area, New Delhi. At the very outset of the competition, the quiz master informed the participants that about 10 years only 20 teams took part in this event but now around 175 teams belonging to 75 schools across Delhi and NCR region pitted their razor sharp minds against one another to reach to the final round of the extremely challenging Final Round. This year being the 10th anniversary of the Japan Quiz, it was heartening to note how it had become a successful platform in reaching to a large no. of youth & providing them with knowledge of Japan – the geography, its people, their history and culture – among the youth of India.

7. Senior students take part in Spelling Bee-Sarthak and Abdus Samad Hashmy of Class IX put up a spirited show as they pitted their wits in a stiffly contested Spelling Bee held in Sanskriti School, New Delhi on 21st November’12. The event witnessed as many as 90 schools from Delhi & NCR take part in the written preliminary round. The students had to write the spellings of 30 words called out by an American moderator, Mr. Donald Maynard. The words ranged from simple, commonly used ones to the other end of the spectrum like unusual lexicon such as tincture, disapprobation,

An interactive question and answer round on U.S.A particularly the US Presidential Elections followed by a fun trivia quiz on U.S.A engaged the contestants while the result for the Final Round was being compiled. Sarthak put up a sterling performance and has made it to the Final Oral Round to be conducted in American Center on 17th January’13.

8.  The students of Class XI A has participated in a Regional Science Exhibition held in Chandigarh -in which around 150 to 200 schools  from Delhi and NCR took part on 31st and 1st of September’12. Abhishek Dey and Deepak Saxena made a model which works on solar energy. It showed various appliance like fan bulb, weighing machine, electroplating device, batteries used in robotic lab are whichcan run on solar energy.

9.  Students of Grades VII-VIII take part in the Heritage Walk organized by the Intach Group – The students of Shalom Hills international School took part in the 2 km long Heritage Walk around the Leisure Valley on 24th November’12. Mr. Atul, the Chairman of the Intach Group, in his welcome address, exhorted the youth to be more aware of the rich legacy and heritage of India, thus becoming more involved and proud Indians.

School’s achievements in Inter-School event

1st prize in Western Dance Competition

The fleet-footed students of Shalom Hills cast a literal thrall over the audience as they danced brilliantly in a Western Dance Competition held in Summer Fields on 19th October’12. The effortless ease with which the children executed lithe steps, the authentic costumes and make-up coupled with the mesmerizing choreography by the senior students of Class VI-X brought alive the poignant and pressing need to conserve water resources. The need to save water on a war footing and through global footprints was portrayed so remarkably by the Shalom performers on the theme of ‘Save Water; Save Earth’ that it came as no surprise when they made a clean sweep of the first prize amidst tough competition.

1st Prize in Collage Making Competition & 2nd position in Western Dance

The senior students of Shalom Hills International School amazed all – judges, teachers, competitors and audience with the sheer freshness of thoughts, brilliance of presentation and thematic assembly of ideas in the Collage Making Competition and that too much before the whistle for allotted time blew. The spontaneity and youthful exuberance with which they prepared and sang the jingle gave them a clear edge over the other contestants and made them the crowd favorite for the topnotch position. Two promising speakers from Class VI-VII put up a tough fight in a stimulating debate on the topic: Social Networking – an addiction to a virtual world. The thoroughness with which they had prepared for the topic coupled with their impressive speech delivery drew appreciation from all quarters.

   Third prize in Inter-School debate Competition held in Amity International School -

Apart from polishing their communicative and public speaking abilities, the school students take keen part in Intra and Inter Debate Competitions in order to broaden their perspective and reasoning on a wide-ranging spectrum of topics, learn tolerance of differing opinions, sharpen their presence of mind and perfect the art of repartee. Tara Yadav of Class IX and Siddhi Hegde of Class X presented a perfect picture of poise and confidence as they stood at the podium to deliver their speech on the topic: “Vigilant common man – the backbone of modern democracy”. Their powerfully prepared speech equally forcefully delivered and replete with quotes, statistics and examples lent virtual life to the topic. By cleverly anticipating the argument and counter-points of the other teams, the two fluent speakers took the wind out of the sails of their opponents and impressed the judges with their quick wittedness.

  1st prize as Best Speaker (against the motion) and 2nd prize as Best Speaker (for the motion) in an Inter-School Debate competition in Meenakshi Public School

Tara Yadav of Class IX and Siddhi Hegde of Class X participated in an Inter-School Debate Competition held in Meenakshi Public School.  The force and passion with which they spoke on the topic “Education of the 21st century is tailor made for the head, and not the heart’ coupled with the persuasiveness of their arguments made them crowd favorites from the minute they started speaking. Their speeches laced with quotes of famous leaders; statistics and proven facts to support the topic and the conviction with which they spoke made them deserving candidates for the topnotch prizes. Abdus Samad Hashmy showed his deep understanding of the topic as well as his quick-thinking as he posed pertinent questions to the speakers from the other school in the Interjection round. The three promising speakers from Shalom Hills International School came in for lavish praise from the distinguished judges and the other The youth of today has decidedly come into its own; it is mature and eloquent. Gen-Next of today doesn’t hesitate to espouse causes or voice their views boldly and forcefully. The students of Shalom Hills International School definitely belong to this brigade of articulate speakers since their public speaking skills are polished through frequent and rigorous debate and declamation competitions held in the school throughout the year.  

 Innovations in pedagogy and content curriculum

1. Outdoor Experiential Learning

The purpose of education is to prepare the students to educate themselves throughout their life.

Every corner, step and area of Shalom Hills has been ingeniously utilized to afford children a slew of experiences wherein they learn involuntarily, naturally and permanently. Confucius summed up the value of experience as an invaluable tool in the creation of knowledge and promoting holistic development when he said, "I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand."

In order to bestow upon its students a bounty of experiential learning opportunities in which they can test themselves, reach beyond their perceived self-capabilities and synergize and synthesize the concepts they have learnt in the classrooms, the breadth and length of the green space in the school has been converted into Experiential Learning Labyrinth. The children touch, feel, probe, question and learn to find answers which will be “right for the situation” and not just “right for the exam.” The experiential learning activities carried outdoors as well as indoors engage and empower the students fully; furthermore confer ownership of the learning process on them.

Integrating learning and outdoor experiences through activities and Nature walk in the Kitchen Garden, Energy Park, Industrial Chemical Work Station Traffic Park, Botanical Garden, Science Theme Park or the Musical Instruments Symphony has added a unique relevance and depth to the school curriculum.



To add to its environment friendly ambience and aesthetics as well as ignite a passion for living n learning Science, Shalom Hills International School has a Science Park. The outdoor park with its unusual flora and plant variety set amidst sprawling and beautiful landscape has been set up to satisfy the following objectives:

  • To inculcate inquisitiveness, sense of inquiry, scientific attitude and thinking and also encourage questioning processes and creativity among the students.
  • To afford interactive and activity based learning environment
  • To initiate a learning culture in the lap of nature
  • To develop a zeal towards experimentation, innovation and invention in a self-expressive manner among the student fraternity

3. Robotics Training and Robotics Lab form an innovative part of the curriculum.

To provide its students with an indelible hands-on experience in Science and Technology, one of its kind Robotics Lab is being set up in Shalom Hills International School. Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is serving to excite, enthuse and inspire children to learn more about Science and Technology.

In its Robotics Lab, Shalomites are motivated to create their own robotic devices and designs and thus gain more profound and experiential understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study. The children are taught through the process of discovery and self-creations and thus challenge their mastery over numbers and measures. The Robotics Lab gives them visual and graphic grasp of Maths and Science, thereby fostering creativity and innovation in the children.

Thus, Shalom Hills is readying its army of future technocrats and Maths wizards.

Keen involvement in Community Service

In order to bridge the unfathomable gap between the curriculum and their everyday lives as well as sensitize its students to the yawning inequalities and disparities that exist in our society, the school students are regularly involved in community service.

1. Donations – Voluntary and generous donations by the students and parents are sent to NGOs and orphanages to alleviate the lot of the underprivileged sections of society.

2. Visit to orphanages and old-age homes – The school children carry gifts and smiles as they pay visits to orphanages and old-age homes.

The students are encouraged to spend time with the young and the old people; spread cheer and be useful by teaching the kids, singing to the elderly people and lending a patient hearing to the senior visits on such visits.

Close and collaborative partnership with the parents

School promotes parental participation

Parents form the fulcrum and pivot of a child’s destiny. Their world revolves around their progeny and vice-versa. For this reason, parents are an integral part of the Shalom family. The parents are kept in the loop about every aspect of their ward’s development and grooming in the school. Seminars, training programs, professional talks, competitions for the family, fun activities for the parents are conducted round the year to ensure parental involvement and participation in all the activities of the school. 

To celebrate the ‘special connect’ that exists among the students, parents and faculty, the school organizes many events for the mothers and fathers like ‘Cooking with Dad’ ‘Sing along with Mammas’ and ‘Thali Decoration by the mothers’ competitions.

1.Cultural programmes such as Sing Along with Mamas, Mother’s  Day Bonanza and Thali/Diya/Rangoli Designing  competitions are hosted for the exclusive enjoyment of mothers.

Fathers are involved in competitions like Dad and Me Cooking Moments and special IT quizzes, games and activities are held to engage them.

Grandparents are the wonderful beings who essay many important roles in the lives of their grandchildren. To pay homage to these stalwarts of society and, at the same time, celebrate their unique relationship with their grandchildren, Valentine’s Day and Gandhi Jayanti are dedicated for Grandparents Day Celebrations. Meticulously and lavishly mounted cultural programme including songs, speeches and skits dedicated to the special day are put up for the entertainment of the parents. Special games, fun activities and quizzes are held for their revelry and form cherished moments of togetherness for Shalom family.

2. Annual Day and Graduation Day celebrations -- The entire family get special invites for mega events and annual day celebrations in which all the children are given a platform and podium to showcase their talent by way of singing, dancing, public speaking or drama.

3. Exhibitions and fairs like Science Walk n’ Watch and Shalom Darshini are a visual treatise for the parents whereby they participate and witness the creative expression and individual proficiencies of their children. 

4. Orientation programmes and workshops – orientation sessions, seminars, and workshops form an essential part of the school’s activity calendar to keep the parents in loop about CCE pattern, guidelines for primary school children etc.

5. Parent-Teacher Meet – is attached upmost importance and serves as a vehicle to further the partnership between the school and parents in securing the holistic development of each student. Parents are informed about their child’s performance in academics and activities; their suggestions and feedback are welcomed; parental concerns are meticulously recorded and redressed at the earliest.

 Best school practices and special features

 1. Student Exclusive Portal

The Shalomites have their own individual email facility to go through the daily activities, homework, presentations, articles, circulars.  Parents can view their child’s attendance, grades etc. It also has a photo gallery wherein the photographs of the child participating in different activities are regularly uploaded. .Monthly assignments for all subjects are also posted on the child’s exclusive id so as to give additional practice of the subject matter taught in school. Moreover, the concerns of the students and parents can also be posted on the same

2. Transparent platform / email facility to parents

Since its inception, the school email id: has served as a distinctive and completely transparent platform of communication between parents and management. It serves as an excellent means of ‘ATC’ Anytime Communication whereby parents can give their feedback regarding the school functioning, activities and their child’s progress. This email facility is available 24 x 7 to all the parents and every parental concern comes directly to the management which receives it in the most constructive spirit. Then it is promptly communicated to the school principal and no stone is left unturned to find a speedy solution to the satisfaction of the parents. After all you are an essential part of the Shalom family.

3.  Monthly Presentations

The programme of Monthly Power Point presentations entails a systematic and well-planned delivery of the syllabus and its content in every subject by the faculty. These monthly presentations by the teachers provide a quick overview of a lesson planning in every subject for a quarter. It gives a snapshot of the syllabus covered, being covering and to be covered. PPT includes a decoding strategy whereby all the techniques and tools of effective teaching, be it lecture, activity, power point presentation, quiz, etc. are highlighted. Yet another benefit that accrues from the presentation of monthly reviews is that the newly recruited staff members get a hands-on information and experience of lesson planning and classroom teaching. These monthly presentations are uploaded on the student’s portal at the very beginning of the new month in order to facilitate the students and parents alike.

4.  Shalom Smart Classrooms

A unique feature of the school is that teachers prepare in house and indigenously designed lectures and activities to teach in Shalom Digitally Smart classrooms. Teachers incorporate the multi-media resources such as presentations, Adobe Flash, animations and clippings etc. in their 35-40 minute period to teach the specific topics in the smart classrooms, unleashing a multi-sensory learning experience for the students.

The benefits of Shalom Smart Classes are many and varied:

  • Enhances teacher’s effectiveness and productivity.
  • Simplifies vague and abstract concepts.
  • Makes the learning more enjoyable, stimulating and interactive for the students.
  • Enables multi-sensory learning in the classrooms
  • Employs the visual medium as a powerful tool of teaching/learning process.
  • Drastically improves the academic performance of the students.

5.  Linguistics Training Programme

To further its objective of providing holistic development of each student, the Linguistics Training Programme has been added to the school curriculum in the academic year 2010 – 2011.

Linguistics Training Programme is designed to develop and improve the oral language skills of the children especially the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Incorporating oral language development activities in the curriculum means improving the children’s ability to talk or communicate more effectively.

The Language Lab is equipped with computers and specially installed software to improve the communicative competencies of the students. Each student is allotted an individual computer and headphones and through a system of recording their own voices, play and compare with expert pronunciation, they are able to hear expert voice and thus correct their erratic pronunciation.  

6. Rechecking of notebooks

In order to maintain flawless academic machinery, the school has adopted the system of re-checking of notebooks by co-teachers of same subjects. The concerned subject teachers’ cross-check the notebooks so as to avoid any kind of overlooking or oversight made by the teacher in-charge during correction. The management personally looks into the observations of the cross-checker and ensures that the teacher concerned becomes more particular with her correction work and the student note-books are up-to-date in corrections.

7.  Academic Audit

Academic audit is one of the modern management practices adopted in Shalom Hills Group of Schools. It has two primary aims - continuous updation of course curriculum and periodic restructuring of credits, along with continuous evaluation of achievements of goals in the instructional system.

Through a system of weekly audits, teachers are randomly sent to their co-teachers’ classrooms for observations and monitoring of their teaching style and learning outcome. Through this non-partisan and random selection of teachers as internal auditors, teachers are encouraged and praised for their special efforts and enthusiastic teaching on one hand and discreetly pointed out the flaws, if any, in their teaching methodologies, on the other hand.  

There is an independent audit of semester performance of all the monthly lesson plans which is conducted by a specific impartial team which records comments on audit and points out non-achievements. The audit report is discussed with the concerned teachers and follow-up action is taken by the Class Representatives and the Principal to ensure compliance with it. 

Contact Details of Shalom Hills International School

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Sushant Lok I

Nearest Metro Station: HUDA city centre

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Age Criteria

2+ (On 03/13 )

3+ (On 03/13 )

4+ (On 03/13 )

5+ (On 03/13 )

Sale of Registration Forms

First Week of September, 2013

Last Week of September, 2013

Rs. 1000/-

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08:00AM to 04:00PM

Reviews of Shalom Hills International School

,Amrit Nagar


New improvement in SHISSep 17,2014


Changing schools is always an important decision. In 2012, when my wife and I decided to move our children to Shalom Hills International School, we hoped we were making the right decision. Looking back now, we can safely say- we certainly did! More so, it is heartening to hear our two daughters express their joy at being a part of the SHIS family. They are thrilled with the spacious campus and modern facilities the school has to offer. But above all, I believe it is the warmth and care demonstrated by the teachers that is the icing on the cake. Your efforts are much appreciated and they will indeed bear much fruit through the lives of the children you invest in. May SHIS continue to help build a better India by building better boys and girls.

,Amrit Nagar


Best safety in gurgaonSep 11,2014


"With the current scenario of the society, I really feel safe for my two daughters studying in Shalom Hills International School. I believe the school takes care of the minute details of all the aspects relating to the overall safety of my children be it physical, mental and emotional. The management is proactive and sensitive enough to sensitize the staff to have a deep rooted values and respect towards the needs of the students. As a mother of two daughters, I am assured of the well being of my children that they are in safe haven."



Shalom FamilyMay 30,2014


Shalom Hills International School has all the qualities of a school which we wanted our child to be associated with. Our decision to put him in this school has been a major turning point in my son’s life. Moreover, it was a bigger challenge as we had to deal with Grade 9. But, today after a year we are glad to see him evolving into a complete individual we envisaged him to be. The planning and organizing capabilities of the school are great. Curricular and Co-curricular activities are well co-ordinated. The faculty members are approachable and have been always giving us a patient hearing.



Great Academy....Apr 09,2014


I am Shikha Shrivastava and my daughter Suhina Akriti (M-3F) has graduated from Montessori to Class 1. Being a parent, I can't stop myself from sharing the feedback regarding her Graduation Day ceremony which was on 1st march. It was a memorable day- the day when our kids made us cry as well as laugh. It was a wonderful experience – of amazing stage performance, perfect coordination and of course team work. Yet another thing that I want to add is that 'Hard work never goes waste' thus the hard and sincere work of the school and the teachers accounts for the resounding success of the ceremony. Thank you Shalom Hills Thank you all the teachers, And thank you all team members who had done a great job. Proud to be a part of Shalom Hills!!!



Blessings on my lifeFeb 24,2014


My kids who are studying in SHALOM HILLS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL recently informed me that the school has come in the top 20 schools of India. My kids were brimming with oodles of joy and happiness when they returned home on that day. My heart was full of pride and thanked God for the blessings on the school. I really feel that putting my kids in Shalom was the best decision I have taken in my Life

,Sohna Road


good school Feb 14,2014


my son goes to this school.he is happy n satisfied.teachrs listn to our problms .very kind n coprative staff

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