Shiv Nadar School

Facilities at Shiv Nadar School
  • Activities: CBSE Schools
  • Age Group: 3.50 to 10
  • Board Affiliation: CBSE
  • Sports Facilities: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball and Athletics
  • School Timings: For Nursery : 08:30AM - 12:30PM
    For 1st - 5th : 08:30AM - 03:30PM
  • Pick-up and Drop Facility: Yes (Airconditioned)
  • Type Of School: Regular
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 25:1
  • Classes Offered: Nursery - 5th
  • Average Fees: Rs 20000/- To Rs 22000/- (Quaterly)
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Art & Craft, Music & Dance, Drama, Theater
  • Air Conditioned Classes: Yes
  • Other information: The school will be upto 5th in the first academic session i.e 2012 - 13 & will be upto 7th in next academic year I,e 2013 - 14. They also provide meals to the kids.
  • Smart Classroom Aids: No
Contact Details of Shiv Nadar School

Plot No. S S -1, Sector - 168, Noida Expressway



Sector 168 Noida

Admission Details

Age Criteria

3+ (On 04/13 )



Sale of Registration Forms

1 September 2013

Feburary 2014(For Nursery - forms will be available till 15 Sept. 2013 only)

Rs. 500/-

Forms Available at

08:30AM to 03:30PM

Reviews of Shiv Nadar School


I have feelings of Cautious optimism for this schoolOct 07,2014


While I agree with some of the comments about discipline in the school, I feel that curbing the independence of kids every time they try to do something out of ordinary also curbs their thought processes. I have been associated with SNS through my daughter for the past two years, and I have seen a positive change in her confidence levels and personality since she joined SNS. Also, as mentioned in one of the posts, it is not true to say that students of this school of class 4 do not know carry over maths . My daughter is in Class 3 and she can add

,Greater Noida


unforgetable experiencesJun 25,2014


Shiv nadar school, noida means no academics and no discipline that is secret of smile on every child, there is lot of bullying among boys to the extent causing hurt and grevious hurt , no strict actions are taken by school authorities. It's mere wastage of time , energy and money to be part of this school. It's been part of shiv nadar school for 2 years. There are no separate text books for science n social science till 5 class, kids are studing science from evs cbse book and that too is introduce in 3 grade. Strange thing how shiv nadar school kids will compete with other schools.there are serious security problems inside the class room, boys are more involved in fights rather than studies n teachers are doing nothing. In fact there is no discipline guidelines and more surprisingly no discipline in charge in the school. Maths is being taught in different method while absolutely ignoring traditional method I.e. kids of grade 4 know only to add through ganit mala, they don't know through carry forward method, which will b serious problem at later stage of learning.



Shiv Nadar School, NoidaMay 05,2014


My son moved from DPS, Rohini to Shiv Nadar School, Noida last year. Before we took the plunge, i attended the orientation session by Mrs. Shashi Banerjee, the Pricipal of SNS, Noida. The entire session was built around the fact that they aim at at over all development of the child. My son is an introvert, he still is, but i can see a change in his personality, his thought process and the fact that he has started making some headway towards his confidence and speech. It has been the best decision to have admitted my son to SNS. The name, Shiv Nadar in itself builds a trust that the child is in good hands. The teachers and staff of SNS,Noida are simply amazing as they all echo the philosophy of Mr. Shiv Nadar, Education for Life!! DPS, Rohini never gave any attention to my child, the teachers of that school can only scream their frustrations on children, its like we are less paid and have more children per class. I am myself an ex- dipisite and trust me that school has done no good to me. Parents today dont try and understand the curriculum that these schools follow, they run behind the name and i must say DPS/Modern School are no more brand names, these are schools who teach nothing to children, its a waste of time!! Parents who have themselves studied from tier 2/3 schools are the ones who run after such schools without trying to understand that these schools think themselves to be a SNOB and dont really care for your child. Your child has to be extremely independent to be able to survive the environment of such schools. A child will only clear examinations if he has a full time tution at home, the teachers will make no efforts. So basically a child is wasting time in these schools. Yes, a child will surely learn how to smoke, bunk classes and indulge in all other habits at a young age. Shiv Nadar Foundation aims at quality education of the children. I am proud to say that my child is a part of SNS, Noida. 2 years from now, Shiv Nadar Schools are going to be the most sought after schools. My only request to parents who are reading my review, Go for it. At SNS, the children do the right things even when no one is watching them!! Shelka Handa