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Grooming Program for Kids:


Let your child be a part of this workshop that aims on a child's all round personality development which focuses on thinking abilities, communication skills, body language, verbal expression, listening skills and Life skills.


Ask any parent about their child’s development, and they will often talk about speech, language, academics and physical growth. Is that all that is needed for an individual to excel in life????

We at CLAY believe that there is a lot more that is needed for the holistic development of a child. Social and Emotional learning is as important as academic learning. It helps the child to develop their personality which makes us unique.

A child’s social and emotional development is an important piece of the development puzzle. Developing good social skills is required for them to be able to ultimately form healthy relationships and adapt to various social situations easily. It goes a long way to help an individual in their social and corporate life.

The grooming program for kids is developed keeping in mind this specific need of the child.

Benefits of the Program:

Nurtures positive relationship. Builds attention and concentration in academics Avoids  negative behaviour Recognize and Manage emotions Make good decision Help’s achieve important task in life Develops creativity. Teaches important life skills and values Improved communication Develops positive attitude


Will be a more confident child Will exhibit ethical and responsible behaviour Developed skills of emotional intelligence Will be able to recognize and manage emotions. Will have integrated thinking


Structure of the program:

The program is spread over a period of one year divided into four levels. Each level comprises of three months with a weekly class of 2 hours.


We all know that the attention span of children is limited. If we do not speak and make things interesting for them they are surely going to disconnect. Through play, activities and reflection, Clay helps child to know the complex learning’s of life with ease. We encourage children to reason out what they learn. We give them logic behind everything which helps them to decide what is right and wrong. The program is conducted in a way which allows them to speak their mind, form opinions, learn from their mistakes and come out of their shell. The environment at clay gives them plenty of opportunity to express themselves openly and without being judgmental.  There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for them to be able to express and being heard. We also have trained counsellor who identify the baseline behavior of the child does the root cause analysis and thus help us in modifying the behavior and bring about a positive change.


Age group:

The growing up years is very crucial for the healthy development of the child. As they grow and mature they look for their own individuality, they learn to build on their relationship, they learn to communicate, resolve and handle conflicts which help them in every phase of their lives. Our research shows that children in the age group of 6 – 12 will benefit from the program.

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