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Top 6 Things To Do in Hyderabad This Week: 24th to 30th June, 2013

25 Jun 2013
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Editorial Team
Created: 2013-06-25IST13:02:00 Modified: 2014-10-07IST17:22:10 Published:
Having donned various caps of editor, freelance writer and tech writer in my previous avatars, I'm now a stay-at-home mom to two annoying brats. When not shopping online, event planning, or trying to make 'natural' choices for my family, you can find me poring and drooling over food blogs and baking (occasionally).

Learn Roller Skating!

Where: L&T Serene County, Gachibowli

When: Mon, Tue, Wed 5-6 pm

Whom: Beginners and Advanced

If your kids are anything like mine and get bored easily with a particular activity, then here's something worth checking out - roller skating.  These skating classes run by professional former national champion Kiranmayee Valluri promise to be different. Starting with the basics, and after achieving adequate balance, children will be taught speed, moving onto artistic and dance skating. It will not only be a fun-filled activity but also one that improves flexibility, strengthens muscle tone, giving a superb cardio-vascular workout with a low impact on your joints. Kiranmayee is an expert coach drawing from her own experiences and offers advice about the right kind of skates for your child, the correct technique of falling, and stopping, among others.

For more details and inquiries, click here


Art Curriculum

Where: Treasure House, Banjara Hills

When: Tue, Thu (4-6.30 pm)

Whom: 2-10 year-olds

ArtInspire is a structured art program for three different age-appropriate categories of children-

-- Messy Artist (2-4 years)

-- Art Explorer ( 5-7 years)

-- Young Artist (8- 10 years)

While it is structured in that the art sessions are planned with a "goal of the week", the sessions (8 per month) themselves are really open-ended. They aim to 'inspire' rather than 'instruct', thus encouraging creativity and confidence, along with fine-tuning the motor movement.

For more details, click here



Alladin-Chicha (Children's play in Hindi)

Where: La Makaan

When: June 29 (7.30 pm)

Whom: 6+

Tickets: Rs 100

The most famous of the Arabian Nights stories, Alladin and his magic lamp is being brought to life on stage - but with a twist! Imagine Alladin born in Hyderabad. And then again, imagine the characters in the play talking in the typical Hyderabadi dialect! Set in Hyderabad with the backdrop of the Golkonda Fort, this play promises a riotous evening of slapstick humor. If your kids have been brought up on the Disney adaptation of the same tale, maybe it's time to culturally acquaint them with this musical comedy. 

For details and ticketing, click here


Handwriting Program

Where: Books N More

When:  17 June - 17 July (5-6 pm)

Whom: 6-16

Whenever we talk of a good handwriting, we're referring to a penmanship in which the letters are joined or flowing together. This is Cursive writing. The origin of the cursive method is associated with improving writing speed considerably. But it wasn't until much later that Dr. Maria Montessori advocated the lower case cursive because the curved lines are a natural extension of the child's hand. In fact according to the Montessori school of thought, children who learn to read cursive writing make a quick and smooth transition to reading print. In countries like ours, proficiency in cursive writing is regarded as a sign of literacy. So if you're looking at helping your child improve her handwriting and pick up the right techniques under an expert, there's a month-long program doing just that. For more details, contact Books N More at 9885956728.

For more information, click here


Be A Weekend Voyager

Weekend Voyager is a weekend activity initiative to provide numerous opportunities for students of all ages beyond academic learning. The Oakridge initiative Weekend Voyager is all set to kick start from 29th June for the next 12 Saturdays. There are various magnificent workshops for the children to learn and excel at - all during weekends.

Venue: Oakridge International School, Khajaguda, Nanankramguda Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-8 and Oakridge International School, Bachupally Campus

Start Date: 29th June

Duration –12 Saturdays. Every Saturday 9 AM to 12 PM


Courses Offered:

Ethical hacking – A workshop with the aim to introduce children to the various online threats and ways to protect and safeguard from unauthorized interference of hackers into the valuable information sources. Most importantly, it seeks to create awareness about the misuse of personal information in social networking sites.

 Age – 10 to 15 years

Time: 90 min

Duration – 12 Saturdays

Cost – Rs. 7000/-

Financial Intelligence – A workshop to introduce children to the world of finance and budgeting with the aim to develop an intelligence towards the subject that we encounter in daily life.

Age –6to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

Duration – 12 Saturdays

Cost – Rs. 6,500/-


Future Authors – A unique workshop to inspire and encourage budding writers through various fun activities.

 Age –6 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 6 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs. 6,000/-


Application Making – Game Design  – A workshop where children will be introduced to the creation/release of game App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Age –6 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

Duration – 12 Saturdays

Cost – Rs. 7,000/-


Geospatial – The objective of this program is to foster interest among children on aspects of geography, mapping, surveying, environment and climate. The program has three components: (a) Surveying, (b) Cartography (c) 3D modelling.

 Age –6 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs. 6500/-


Fashion Designing – A workshop to introduce children to the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.

 Age –6 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs. 7,000/-


Culinary Workshop - A beginner course for all those future chefs and food experts, making them they understand the art and science of food making and appreciate the taste/nutrition of it.

 Age –8 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs. 7,000/-


  Photography - Reintroduce the world to the children through the camera lens, making them understand the technicalities and the art of the third eyes, thereby carving the budding photographers so that they can capture the world in their own style.

 Age –7 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs. 4,500/-


Creative Souls - To introduce children to the world of creativity in a more Scientific manner.

 Age –7 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs.6,000/-


 Skateboarding – A workshop to introduce children to Skateboarding through creative and innovative ways.

 Age –7 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 6Saturdays

 Cost – Rs.3,000/-


Rocket and Ship Building – A workshop to teach a number of scientific concepts , such as aerodynamics, center of gravity, point of balance, apogee, drag and thrust. It is also great for the teaching of math using problem solving, calculating formulas, geometry and determining altitude and speed.

 Age –7 to 10 years and  11 to 15 years

 Time: 90 min

 Duration – 12 Saturdays

 Cost – Rs.9,000/-

1.       Kids can select max two courses

2.       The above cost includes the transportation. Transportation is available from fixed points.

3.       To register, call 1-800-200-1871


Click on Events and Workshops for more information

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