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Aloha India, which was established in august, 2002 at Chennai, is the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, a global leader in advanced abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs specially designed for children in the 4-13 year age span. Essentially, the Aloha Programs are nothing but scientific brain management techniques that unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use. In Aloha Mental Arithmetic, at the beginning, the children will be trained to do calculation 1 to 99 + and operating using their ten fingers and then with abacus for bigger number. Later they will be trained to do all calculation without using fingers/abacus. This will need a solid concentration with high imagination. This special ability relies on one's mental processing skills. During the exercise , both portion of brain are stimulated, making the whole thinking process more efficient and effective. The syllabus of Aloha arithmetic involves the finger method of addition and subtraction, the abacus method of addition and subtraction, the Mental arithmetic of addition,subtraction and multiplication, the division method of calculation and the visualization of the four basic function of arithmetic. Besides improving a child's calculating ability and his understanding of arithmetic, ALOHA MENTAL ARITHMETIC will increase the memory powder and the concentration of the child. In addition, It encourages the child to give full attention to study, trains him/her listen more attentively and effectively. Ultimately, ALOHA MENTAL ARITHMETIC will make the learner more confident and interested in his/her school work both curricular and extracurricular his/her ability to analyze problem and creativity will also improve considerably.

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