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Gyan Lab is a unique education pedagogy and curriculum based on the concept of Fun-ducation (Fun + Education). Gyan Lab is focussed to democratize the school system by complementing theoretical lessons with hands-on, practice-based learning with a well structured blend of activities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Life Skills and Humanities to build an intuitive, creative and innovative future human resource of India. Our complete focus is to enhance the application ability of kids in a relaxed, fun environment and take care of skill development during school life. Gyan Lab curriculum has been built to help our kids move ahead in life based on their interests and capabilities rather than in a crammed and forcefully done manner. This will also ensure higher productivity and greater value system and happiness. The Gyan Lab programs, built on foundations of research-driven curriculum and facilitated by trained faculty members, help students connect on an everyday basis what they learn in class to the real world. Gyan Lab Curriculum is aligned with National Curriculum Framework 2005 (used by CBSE School across India) and four of the World's best curriculum, standards and benchmarks. This is a proof of the fact that we are extremely committed to give students the best of behavioural, cognitive, constructive and empathy-based pedagogies of learning and growing.We have committed ourselves to the Education Pedagogy of Constructivism that is built on the foundation of a learning process which allows a student to experience an environment first-hand, thereby, giving the student reliable, trust-worthy knowledge. As a part of this learning theory, the student is required to act upon the environment to both acquire and test new knowledge.Gyan Lab is currently catering to school students of ages 7 – 15 years (grades 3 – 9) in order to kindle the practice of hands-on, learning by doing among them. The facility also targets to bring together the learning pedagogies of cognition and constructivism under a single structure. Gyan Lab aims to cover the following aspects of learning for school students of the above-mentioned group:1)      To make independent, self-styled and paced learning possible which is also fun for the kids (Fun-ducation)2)      To change the role of a teacher to that of a facilitator, make knowledge flow either way – from teacher to student and from student to teacher (Collaborative Classrooms)3)      To make the concept of a ‘Bad Student’ or  ‘Poor Student’ go away; giving a possible road of excellence to every child who goes through the Gyan Lab system (Equal Opportunity)4)      To make peer to peer learning a core learning concept where students would help one another in knowledge acquisition without any disturbance (Open and Free Flowing Knowledge Acquisition)5)      To build social values in kids by attempting to understand the present social structure and build a value system based on empathy, compassion and happiness (Social and Moral Sciences)

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