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Hello! Welcome to our teaching movement! I am Padmini, a mother of two very vivacious and boisterous boys aged 7 and 5 years. My hands (and life) have been full ever since they have arrived and enriched us. I am an engineer professionally and my original plan was to continue with my career after having children, before, I realized the importance of my staying around with them. This has led me to learn everything I possibly can about teaching them to develop their imagination, wit, social, science and educational skills to their highest potential. The energy and the ambition to provide as much as possible to my children led me to adopt STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) teaching, and my children showed tremendous interest in learning new things, when, taught in a fun and hands on way.

My reason for choosing STEM is, because, it is more than just a grouping of subject areas. It is a movement to develop mathematical and scientific foundation that our children need to be competitive in the 21st-century. This movement goes far beyond preparing our children for specific jobs. STEM develops a set of skills that they can use in all areas of their lives. Some of the skills it focuses on are:

? Thinking? Reasoning? Teamwork? Investigation, and? Creation

Once I started following this method of teaching, I realized the potential it has in helping other children with their inquisitive minds that absorb a lot of new concepts. This concept is relatively new in India and not many are aware about what and how to go about using this method of teaching.

I started to introduce this method of teaching to the children of my friends and relatives, as they were very impressed with how my children picked up new concepts; This caught up and I started classes once word of the success of this teaching method got out. I have conducted classes for many students based on these principles and also use LEGO to teach many of these concepts. This helps my students with their understanding of working mechanisms in machines they come across in their everyday lives.

My childhood friend and now teaching partner, Namisha Gupta, joined in my effort about an year back and added more substance to the lessons I was giving. Namisha is an engineer, MBA (IIT Bombay) with more than 8 years of global corporate experience.With her coming on board, new ideas starting trickling in as to how and what could be done to improve the teaching methodologies and at the same time keep the class interesting and fun for kids . Her contributions also came in terms of content improvement and increasing the scope of learning for children of all age groups. With the two of us together now, the confidence level increased. Now, we have started operating from 2 locations Bangalore and Gurgaon.

A few months later Kiruthiga , mother of one of the children attending the classes with me came on board. She could see the visible difference in her child after attending the classes and was very excited to join the team and work with us to make it bigger and more successful. Her technical background from the IT industry was of great use as she suggested ways and methods of increasing the visibility and reaching out to more and more people. She also made her contributions in terms of designing the curriculum and coming up with methods that would make it easier for the children to understand certain concepts.

Today, we work as a team educating many children and helping them learn things around them by combining the concepts of Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics together.

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M. S. Padmini

What gives us the edge in bonding with children and make learning an enjoyable experience:

We are all technocrats with years of experience in corporate world. Hence we know the skills and qualities needed to enable children solve real life problems using technology. We are mothers who have learnt with time and patience on how to deal with children combine fun with learning. We have always ensured that the class strength is small so that children get enough focus and attention from the teacher.?
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