Mommyandmewithsu Season 16

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Age Group
1 to 2
Event Date
24-Oct-2016 to 08-Dec-2016
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11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Welcome to Season 16"Mommyandmewithsu" at Kara4kids Jaymahal Extension.

The focus of this program is to activate and stimulate the right brain activities drawing,painting ,coloring,also developing spatial intelligence Do a recap of what we learn in the class with your child and just show him/ her everyday..this helps them learn and recall better.

The schedule of our season is as follows:

The dates are as follows :

October : 24th & 26th (only this week its mon wednesday)

November : 7th,10th,14th,17th,21st,24th,28th

December : 1st ,5th & 8h

Class 13 :Field trip to funk monkey ( we shall decide once the class starts)

Class 14 :Graduation Day ( On a sunday morning or saturday evening)

Twice a week :Monday & Thursday (October 2016 -till Dec 2016)

The schedule is fixed for the season.

Class Strength : Only 6 mums & kids in a batch

14 classes spread over 6 weeks,this includes 1 field trip and Graduation Day.

Pleasure having you and your child in this program .

A humble request to all.!!

They do not encourage caretakers /caregivers in our workshop unless its an emergency and you cant make it for the class,though they can wait downstairs and join us during playtime,if you need their assistance.

Mother needs to accompany the child at all times,grandparents and aunts can come in once in a while too

Su will help you for sure in the class.Do not worry at all

Mommyandmewithsu is not responsible if you stay back to play for a while after class,you need to check at the reception at kara4kids and pay accordingly.

Kindly confirm with child's name and date of birth and phone number !!

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