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Every child is curious; every child is intuitive. We aim to kindle this inherent nature even more so they become informed decision makers and draw intelligent conclusions about the world they live in. Our aim is to ensure they do not become--in the words of Jiddu Krishnamurthi--'second-hand people'.


EVER AFTER is an after-school experience centre for children and young adults (and sometimes for adults too!) that has been set-up to bring out the ingenuity in every child. Here children will be encouraged to think creatively and critically about concepts that may not be adressed in a typical classroom environment, apply them in interesting ways and create their own knowledge banks.


By blending an age-old learning method with modern thoughts and applications, we have developed an exciting way to help children learn. Without making them bored! After all, everyone wants to live happily EVER AFTER!

Our Approach


It is old as the mountains but has either been forgotten or practiced very little. We call it Story-based Learning. Through stories and storytelling techniques, we present facts through fantasy. Research shows 'Narrative Centered Learning'that combine story contexts deliver effective and engaging educational experiences, as it activates both cortexes of the brain.


Our story-educators will take children through a journey of discovery by narrating stories and weaving interesting discussions around them. Hands-on activities and exercises will strengthen understanding of the concept and lead to intelligent and innovative applications.


At EVER AFTER, children will

- Develop the ability to question and think beyond the obvious.

- Communicate without inhibition both in the spoken and written word.

- Acquire life skills needed for all round excellence, not just academic.


For information on our programmes, please visit our website www.ever-after.co.in


Our Flagship Programs




6 to 8 years | Twice a week, spread over 4 months | 5.00 pm to 6.00pm | Course starts June 17, 2013


Your tiny tots may be little for you but their imagination is growing by leaps and bounds and probably they are in that phase of life where a little external trigger will push them in the right direction. Stories are not mere pastimes or mediums to kill a few hours; stories in this program:


(1) Tickle creativity and help little ones conjure up possibilities beyond their little minds, effortlessly.


(2) Introduce new words and vocabulary and help them develop their language skills.


(3) Show them new concepts, scenarios and situations as a means of education.


(4) Be a great, effective and engaging means of entertainment.


(5) Teach the need to share, communicate and make good friends.


(6) Encourage little ones to speak their mind and build precise lines of thought.


(7) Improve the ability to remember.


In these sessions, children will listen to fascinating stories that encourage them to think about their applications across Language, Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, while simultaneously laying emphasis on all four critical skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Well designed, level-appropriate activities and exercises will further their understanding of the concept. You can be sure your child becomes a story buff at the end of this programme!






9 to 12 years | Twice a week, spread over 3 months | 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm | Course starts June 21, 2013


Older children are perhaps the best recipients of the advantages of a story-based learning approach. The human mind processes information in story form. As kids grow older, their mind develops at a rapid pace and the level of inquisitiveness proliferates. This is the stage when curiosity must be fuelled through right channels instead of seeking mere technological mediums to stagnate imagination and creativity. Stories for older children


(1) Improve language skills and help them read, write and learn better.


(2) Help them shed public speaking fears. You will be surprised to watch your child address a gathering with ease and confidence.


(3) Understand the importance of body language, gestures and voice in effective communication.


(4) Explore new and exciting paradigms of learning where the child can discover and implement concepts in routine lives.


(5) Eliminate social interaction fears and facilitate kids to grow in a friendly and happy atmosphere.


(6) Prepare them for the road ahead at school, college and professional world thereafter.


This is a highly focussed communication skills programme that is designed to strengthen communication skills in children, through storytelling. These sessions will focus on reading and listening to stories, analyzing their structure, understanding a story arc, retelling and rewriting and restructuring the story in one's own words and also learning how to use voice, body language, gestures and expressions in enhancing speech. Children will be coached to develop confidence, shed inhibitions and become storytellers in their own right. At the end of the course they will put up an exciting story recital for an audience and truly become Ever After Tellers!






13 to 15 years | 5 weekends | 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm | Course starts July 2013


One of the most volatile and indecisive periods of everyone’s life is adolescence. Therefore, our program for teens IS specifically designed to enhance fundamental skills and diversify into areas that give them a strong base for the road ahead. As it uses technology as an anchor, this form of storytelling appeals to the gizmo-savvy social-media generation of today. Digital storytelling is the perfect blend of modernity and tradition; it helps:


(1) Communicate idea and concepts in a clear and concise manner.


(2) Involve and engage freely in a social environment.


(3) Introduce technology and learn the applications for video, audio and graphics.


(4) Explore their creativity by applying a traditional tool in a modern context.


(5) Build better personality by making them more assertive and expressive about the things that concern them.


In this program, students will learn to the art of telling stories by combining a variety of multimedia tools such as graphics, audio, and video; it will also include a session on basic photography to help understand how pictures have to be composed to tell a story. These skills can directly be applied in making presentations for school projects, to submit video resumes for college, and to visually document anything they feel passionately about. A MUST-HAVE skill for today's teen.


The objective of this programme is to enable students to create 3-5 minute films that communicate an idea in a powerful manner, write crisp scripts to suit the story, use their own voices to captivatingly and express themselves fearlessly. To watch a digital story is, click here.






15 years upwards | Once in two months | Date and time to be decided


Stand-alone workshops to address specific skills needed for excellence in college and beyond such as:


Communication Skills


Presentation Skills


Writing Skills




Apart from the above, Ever After will also conduct programmes for adults on:


The Art of Storytelling


Creating your Photo Story


Digital Stories: Creating a Personal Narrative


We also conduct workshops on request for specific groups such as organizations, parents, teachers and educators on any of the programs listed in this page. From time to time, we will hold workshops on a variety of aspects such as Puppetry, Story Writing, Photography and just about anything related to stories!


For pricing and other details, please call on +91 99166 41717 or email info@ever-after.co.in

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