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Yearly two programmes to witness the student's progress in music

Hamsakutira, an institute that commenced in 2003, is a Music school imparting Carnatic music intelligence to normal and special learners.

It is an Institution set up solely with the noble aim of awareness and promotion of fine arts in the society especially amongst the youth, to understand, appreciate and carry forth the purity of Indian music to the forthcoming generations and to exemplify the strong significance and benefits through the therapeutic powers of classical music to all children.

The Institution has been operating for more than a decade now and holds its center currently at the hub of Malleshwaram.

The institute has trained students across different cultures and countries including Malaysian and Srilankan students.

The institute trains young children from the age group of 4 onwards and also includes passionate adults in their late fifties.

Hamsakutira imparts both Carnatic classical vocal and Carnatic veena training for all age groups.


Their services include:

Child Counselling: Many children today face several stressors at home, school and with peers. At a time when their minds are growing and they are forming impressions of how the world is, it is very important to work on such stressors in order to prevent the formation of long standing emotional and behavioral difficulties.With a safe and trusting environment provided, every child will discover within him/herself the capacity for growth and change.

Assessment: Carrying out detailed psychological assessments (Intelligence, Learning Disability, Autism, Behavioral & Conduct Disorders, Memory, Personality, and Adjustment for various psychological conditions which could help in identification, diagnosis and effective management of psychological disorders.

Psycho educational assessment for children with problems memory, attention, concentration, reading, writing, spelling and comprehension

Developmental assessment for children with delayed speech ,motor activities and social skills

Behavioral Assessment for children, adolescents and youth with problems related to behavior and emotional disturbance; Depression and Mood Disorders

Assessment for individuals suffering from fears, overwhelming emotions, sadness, worry, unresolved conflicts and its management through therapeutic intervention.

Music Therapy:Music therapy is based on the understanding that the ability to respond to music is an inborn quality in all human beings. This ability usually remains unimpaired by impairments, injury or illness and is not dependent on musical training.In music therapy we work to achieve therapeutic aims by developing a musical relationship where emotions and thoughts can be expressed.

Music is used as a tool to develop individuality, communication and social skills, sense of confidence, motivation and self expression, as well as to enhance well being and quality of life for people of all ages with a range of needs and challenges.

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Dr. Geetha R. Bhat
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8042096943, 9844039645
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No 73, Hamsakutira and Swayambhu, 8th main road, between 9th and 10th cross lane next to oven fresh bakery, on 11th main-lane next to Radhakrishna temple KA IN - 560003   Malleshwaram  
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