Little Einsteins

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Age Group
2.50 to 6
Method Of Instruction
Multiple Intelligence Preschool
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On Request
Outdoor Play Area
Creche Timings
Mon to Fri - 09:30AM - 6:30PM
Days & Timings
Mon to Fri - 9:30AM to 12:30PM
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Creche Facility
Air Conditioned Classes

Little Einsteins Preschool inspires its community to actively seek knowledge and understnading, think independently, reason critically, and embrace challenge. Teaching to the uniqueness of each mind we focus on the process of learning and value the exchange of ideas through collaborative work. While building knowledge of self and an awareness of our connection to other communities, we develop responsibility for earth and humanity. Visitors to our school often comment on the unique atmosphere of Little Einsteins Preschool. Small size classes promote individualized instruction and allows teachers to use all facets of the environment to stimulate learning by a warm and caring community.


Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence provides the framework for teaching and learning at Little Einsteins Preschool.

At the core of this theory is the recognition that people think and learn differently and that intelligence can be expressed in a multitude of ways.

Our multifaceted approach to teaching incorporates each of the eight major intellectual domains defined by Dr. Gardner, and provides opportunities for each student to use his or her unique intelligence to understand the subject matter.

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Mrs Sandhya Parnandy
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#43, 1st Phase Ramanashree Nagar,, off Banerghatta Road Bangalore Near Maruthi Dental College KA IN - 560076   Bannerghatta Road  
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  • Wonderful playschool
    Nov 13,2013
    My son goes to Little Einsteins Preschool .They are wonderful role models for him. They make every child feel special and are affectionate in their care. They also do a wonderful job of keeping a sense of order in their class and tending to each child's personal development. They discipline in a pos... 
  • My ideal preschool for my kid
    Oct 10,2013
    Hi, our kid had a new experience last week. We parents had to attend something called "Little Exploration" the set up of the materials along with the concept taught was awesome. we were even more thrilled when we found our little kid identifying and answering all our questions that we asked about th... 
  • A school with a difference & a second home to your kid
    Sep 24,2013
    Hi, am happy to be part of Little Einsteins Preschool - Ramanashree. Their program goal is to provide a loving environment where each child is nurtured throughout the day. They celebrate and embrace each child's individuality. Little Einsteins programs are designed to provide a hands-on developmenta... 
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