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Nimai Fun Fundamentals:

Welcome to Nimai Fun Fundamentals Foundation for Learning, since 2002.  Nimai has been helping children by inspiring them to learn spontaneously the concepts of education.  Nimai welcomes children from 2 years and above.  Nimai offers a creative and cooperative environment with individual attention and care to help children explore to their full potential.  Our intention is to help children with their aspiration, determination, self-confidence and self-reliance to make their mark on this world and create a meaningful future for themselves.

Nimai’s learning-teaching method is based on the fundamental truth that children have all the capacity to learn by themselves, when they are provided with the right environment. It focuses on the natural unfolding of intellectual development through a set of materials which are presented to the child according to their age and need.  These materials answer all their inner needs of development in the three levels of development namely, concrete level, semi-concrete level and the abstract level of thinking.  The consolidation of concepts become very profound and gives tremendous boost to the child’s self-esteem.

Nimai believes that each and every child has an inner potential which needs to be kindled very gently in order to actualize the potentiality.  Nimai understands this and provides education irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

Nimai has 8:1 child ratio and all the Montessori directors all authentically Montessori trained in the beautiful methodology for teaching children.


Nimai extends a warm welcome to its environment - a place where children experience friendship, love, care, and concern.  At Nimai parents play a major role in their child’s education.

We develop physical, social and intellectual competency:  lessons, books, worksheets, homework and activities are carefully designed to teach specific skills and concepts as your child is ready to learn, thrive and explore.

In Nimai children learn in a mixed age group classroom setup, that is 10-12 children of 2 ½ to 3 ½, 3 ½ to 4 ½ & 4 ½ to 5 ½ year olds.  Each and every child will be attended by a trained adult individually.  This helps children to get help and to also help each other. It also fosters confidence and independence. integration by age, sex, ethnicity, race and religion create a community in which we learn, play and celebrate together.


When you choose Nimai for your child, you are actually making an investment in the account called future - a future of achievement and satisfaction in the years to come.  But this account works and reaps best results in term of  complete three years – the Montessori Pre-Primary Program is a scientifically structured course which lasts for three years and when a child undergoes this program without interruption complete consolidation of concepts happens in a child.

Parents interested in enrolling their children or in receiving more information can call upon the school and visit the school.  There is also a wealth of information on the net about the Montessori Methodology.  You will have a chance to meet the classroom teachers and to take a look at our facilities and gather more information.


Montessori education is based on a series of genuine discoveries. When Dr. Montessori started her work in the field of education and child psychology, she was already famous as the first woman to obtain a doctor’s degree in medicine and surgery in her country. Her scientific training and experience were, therefore exceptionally broad-based and remain, even today, quite unique among educationalists. Her approach to education encompasses the whole development of man from birth to adulthood. Its application among all social classes, cultures and creeds in all the five continents, most of which Dr. Montessori visited herself, provided her with a uniquely vast field of experimentation and with confirmation of the validity of her discoveries. The Director-General of the UNESCO could therefore, declare that it had and still has a fundamental influence on all modern methods of education directly as well as indirectly.

The most important contribution of Dr. Montessori’s work is that it focuses attention on the fact that no attempt to solve social and moral problems will succeed if it concentrates only on man-the-adult and his activities, and not on the whole man. It is the young child who determines man’s future as an adult member of the society.  

Peace is the vital question for the world today. Dr. Montessori has shown the great role of the child as the builder of the inner foundations on which alone that peace can be built.

About US

"During the early period, education must be understood as a help to the unfolding of the child's inborn psychic powers. This means that we cannot use the orthodox methods of teaching which depends on talk." - Dr. Maria Montessori.

Nimai is designed with a format for self-directed development. Participants are taught to develop their own contact to achieve their own aspirations and destiny in life. Participants in the plan may be parents, teachers, trainers, educators and all those who are interested in the wholesome development of a person. Enrolled participants are guided in their pursuits by a structured Montessori Plan.

Nimai Montessori was started in the year 2002 with 23 children in the first year. Nimai's main intention from its inception was to understand a child and to respect the child for whoever he is. In the year 2007, Nimai moved to its present location in Abbaiah Reddy Layout in our spacious setting of 5,200 sq feet. The school building blends beautifully with nature, with old trees adjoining the school, creating a safe conducive and peaceful environment. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the traffic, yet very easily accessible. Nimai has extended its facilities to accommodate classes from First to Fifth standards in the Montessori curriculum.

The driving force behind Nimai Fun Fundamentals, is Mrs. Sheela Roy, who has to her credit in the area of early childhood education -

Principles of Teaching (Dip-RVTI-GOI) Nursery Teachers Training (Dip-Deepika Convent-GOI) Pre-Primary Montessori Teachers Training (IMTC) Primary Montessori Teachers Training (IIMS) Special Education- Learning Disabilities (KPMRCA-PG.Dip-GOI)

Nimai has 2 IMTC trained directress, one special educator and four support teachers who are all Montessori trained. Three maids are assisting the other jobs of the school.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every child is an individual and that each individual has a potentiality. Helping the child to grow and develop naturally to his full potentiality is our goal. We wish to respect each and every child irrespective of their differences.

At Nimai Concern and Attention is spelt as Love and Understanding.

At Nimai Guidance and Support is spelt as Love and Care.

At Nimai Learning Method is spelt as Structured Activities.

If you want your child to think differently …..We spell a warm welcome.

At Nimai Children become creative and imaginative.

Explore problems and invent their own solutions.

Learn to cooperate, communicate and think differently and independently.

Get motivated towards Science, Arts and the whole world.

Understand and learn Mathematics from its fundamental concepts without any phobia.

Develop vital skills for future success.


Nimai has 12 years of experience in the Montessori Method.

Education is based exclusively on Montessori Principles.

Admissions are accepted throughout the year for children from 2 years of age.

More than 5,000 sq feet of inner and outer environment.

Om agyana timirandasya

gyanajana shalakaya


yena tasmai shree guruve namaha.


Nimai Foundation for Learning

No 4, (near first main) Abbaiah Reddy Layout,

Kaggadasapura, Bengaluru 560 093. 

Call: 9632789960 / 9845716967.

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Nimai Fun Fundamentals, Montessori House of Children, No - 4, Abbaiah Reddy Main Road, Kaggadasapura Dead End of Abbaiah Reddy Main Road KA IN - 560093   Kaggadasapura   Nearest Metro Station: Baiappanahalli
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