Kadihai Martial Academy

location_on RMV II Stage
Age Group
6 to 50
Individual Classes
Pick-up and Drop Facility
Student Coach Ratio
Average Fees
350/month for Karate, 1000/month for Tai Chi
Days & Timings
Days:- Mon to Sat, Time:- 07:00AM-07:00PM
We teach martial arts as a way of life to train the body, mind and spirit. We believe that the Martial arts are a set of techniques fused into a holistic system that enable one to train the body while attaining higher states of mind and finally, tuning the spirit to attain oneness with the universe.We provide karate forms such as Shito-ryu,Tai chi chuan.In keeping with the Kadihai philosophy of physical training in the first stage we teach Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art explaining the techniques of offense and defense. Along with the form, its martial applications are demonstrated and explained. Students are encouraged to test the applications and find their effectiveness themselves.We also train them in weapons art systems of Kendo, Silambam and Kobudo. For mental training, meditation is taught initially and then followed up by intricate training systems as the students advance. Finally, spiritual training from the Shastras is introduced to those who have proven themselves in the earlier stages.We focus on two main areas of external physical conditioning, strength and flexibility. Internally, we focus on nutrition.

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Contact Person
Mr Prashant
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308, "Kanive",, 3rd Cross,2nd Stage, 2nd block, RMV Extension Near New BEL Road KA IN - 560094   RMV II Stage  
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