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0 to 12
Key Attractions
Toys mapped to 5 key development skills, educational toys for music and fun, pretend play, speech and language development toys, strategy and logic board games , Utility like stroller and car seats, Puzzles, construction blocks, Lego, cars and vehicles, family fun board games, outdoor play games and toys, tricycles.

We believe that playing is the best way of learning. We are Bangalore first educational toy library with more than 250 toys collection where each toy is mapped by our expert team to one of the 5 key development skills, interest area and age group. The library is curated by passionate parents of  an year old who understand and relate to the challenges of buying toys. Its one of its kind library with a very exclusive and offbeat collection. Each toy undergoes stringent 4 step quality check before delivery and each delivery is done in beautiful baskets with shrink wrapped toys to deliver them untouched! Your kid is going to enjoy the variety coming in each week!

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Aradhana Kukreja
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9108365706, 9686388200
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  • Fun for kids and economical for us !!
    Nov 30,2015
    Deciding on what toys to buy can be is big question for new parent like me !! Because we know Toys have always played an important role in enriching children's lives. And my big task always was to find the right toys at the right time that will enrich my child's play experience and provide the found... 
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