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0 to 3
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Instant Mixes and Healthy Weight Gain porridges
Homemade Cerelac Powders
Preservative & Additive Free Baby Food free home delivered.A Doctor Mommy's recipe.MyBusinessMantraSpreading joy of feeding Guilt-free Homemade Food to all New Era Mommas.?MyStory   Each and every Mother of our Generation would agree that how difficult it is to bring up a child single handed. Among the various concerns Stay At Home Moms of Nuclear Families and Working Women have to worry about child up bringing, Feeding comes the first on the list. And hearing to all drama and issues around the Food Industry in the Market, it is so stressful to even think what to buy and what not for our babies.    I’ve a LBW and premie baby and this was my concern too. When I started to think of weaning these Store Bought Baby Products scared me with the Preservatives’ and Additives’ mention on their Packs. My research landed me on a Doctor Mommy’s site and I was glad that I could make Homemade Cerelac for my darling daughter. My friend Archana Makam made me realise that it was so difficult to make it at home for all mommies due to various reasons and I should think of selling these to one who’s craving for it.   After approaching Dr. Hemapriya of my samples and getting a GO ON from her, I started the business with a Facebook Page. Looking at the enormously happy response I got from our customers, I wanted to expand and get Certification done. A 2 months old Home Food for Tots is now a FSSAI Certified Company, zeroing on all Mommies’ concern on our Hygiene and Safety procedures and ingredients used.   Our products range from Instant Mixes which are a Travel Saviour and Quick Mix with hot water. Our Healthy Weight Gain Porridge Powders helps zero on all mommies’ worries. All our products are freshly made every week and, need not say, with zero additives and no preservatives.
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Kavitha Prashanth
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Ashraya, #67, 3rd Cross, Kalidasa Layout, Srinagar, Bangalore - 560050 Karnataka KA IN - 560050   Basavanagudi   Nearest Metro Station: Basavanagudi
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