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•India. The land of a million stories... many told, scores untold. The land where mythologies blend into reality. Each blend more interesting than the other.

•India. The land of thousand cultures. Each rich in history, tradition and folklore.

•India. The abode to billions of humanity. 

•The land where children grow up in potpourri of rich traditions, cultural believes, vedic knowledge, mythical stories and contemporary education. The land where Gods and Demons are omnipresent across the length and breadth of the sub-continent. The secular state where all believes have prospered for generations.  •How do you explain the phenomenon called India to generations to come? That’s where Paapaya comes in. 

•Paapaya believes education, entertainment and traditions can co–exist. And mostly, they complement each other. Paapaya uses modern media to impart phenomenon known as India. Through colourful, engaging, and entertaining concepts. Through edutainment products, digital apps and arts. 

•Yours and your child’s universe is changing at an amazing pace. The right exposure will make you and your child curious, immersive, knowledgeable, confident and enlightened about India.


•This is Paapaya's mission. 

•This is Paapaya.

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Mrs. Anna Doshi
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