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“The moment may be Temporary, But the memory is Forever” - Bud Meyer

We may live in present but our past and future also play a very important role in it. We all love to re-think of our fondest memories over time. We share them with our friends and family with enthusiasm. The best things about memories, is making them in out present.

Birthdays are by far the brightest milestones in our lives, which we cherish for years to come. Our own birthdays are important but once you become parents, our children’s birthdays take centre stage in our lives. We all have planned the most elabroate birthday parties in our lives, at some point or the other. With all the fun and drama that takes place in these parties, the planning and the execution leave us exhausted by the end of it. And, not forgetting some failed games and the overshot budget, that we actually forget to capture memories with our own kids.

We at cherished memories, specialize in all party needs, with promise to make them fun and memories that you will cherish forever. We help you celebrate the birthdays of the apple of your eyes with love and passion. Our team of party elves make sure to arrange the craziest birthday parties [within budget ;)] from the theme to the return favours and every minute detail that comes in between. 

Choose from our long list of themes, games, stories, activities, decorations, food, return gifts, cake ideas and more… and then leave the rest to us. Custmizing ideas to your requirements and your child’s current favorite cartoon or colours, we create them all.

Sometimes we do not know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory…….. and we believe in creating these memories to be Cherished Forever. As, cherished Moments are our life line… they add colour to our day, make us smile when we were sad, give rhythm to our everyday routine, and inspire us to reach our dreams.

Also Conduct event ~‘Day of Caring’ by Heart2Hands~


About The Event


‘Day of Caring’ is an endeavor organized by Heart2hands initiative. Centered on underprivileged society, nature, our surroundings and pets, we celebrate 'Day of Caring' with our junior helpers making them sensitive towards our society and in turn themselves.

Our ' Day of Caring' initiative had its second edition today, 10th July, 2016, Sunday. The first edition was themed around extreme summers and kids helped in giving away free Sherbet and water to passerbys, when the temperature was soaring up to 43 degrees. Even with working for hours in the heat, the happiness that had lit the faces of all junior helpers, said it all. The joy of giving and gratitude was immense.


The second edition of ‘Day of Caring’was organized today, Sunday, 10th July 2016 at 10:00 am in the ‘ApnaPark’ in Mukherjee Nagar. The “Vriksharopan” Activity was sponsored by our company Cherished Memories, in association with StoryLand and Heart2Hands. It is a neighborhood Green Drive, involving kids to plant saplings in a nearby park. This is a humble way to teach them that if we care for the nature, it will care back for us. An attempt to teach them about our environment and to instill a sense of pride in them with a tree that they have helped grown. It will also help them understand the value of the essential fresh air that we breathe everyday but take for granted. This is not a single day activity; our aim is to plant 10,000 trees in 5 years.

There were 20 participants, kids from the age group of 2-14 years, who planted 22 plants in all in the Park. A couple of parent volunteers also joined us in helping us! A briefing session, followed by the Planting activity was done with great gusto, despite the heat and humidity! There was live music to keep the hardworking kids entertained with Nursery rhymes and songs. After the planting activity, the kids were engaged in a discussion emphasizing the need to use jute and cloth bags and discourage plastic bags! With this regard, they were given Jute Bags to paint and decorate! Now, was the most exciting part of the Day! There were about 30 guests, including some Grandparents, who came at the end of this activity and the painted Bags were put to Auction! The parents bid for hand-made bags by the kids (not their own)! This auction was aimed at raising funds for Charity towards underprivileged kids in the orphanage. We were able to raise INR 5100/- for the same! The kids were given Certificates of Appreciation and had a fun n frolic day!

As part of future ‘Day of Caring’, we are also looking forward to provide basic stationery, books and other study material for school going age group kids who cannot afford to buy these.

About Heart2Hands

With the backing of Cherished Memories, Storyland and infinite work experience around kids, our CSR initiative 'Heart2hands', is also inspired from kids. When we earn from ideas around kids, it is our duty to give back to the society in the form of a helping towards kids in need. And best if we make the growing generation, our kids, learn to help their peers in need.

Values of sharing, caring, gratitude and giving need to be a part of every human being's life but these are values that can only be taught at an early age. Simple activities involving kids help them understand these morals, which gets instilled in them for life.

With kids as an integral part of our team, we aim to work for underprivileged kids and provide them with facilities that otherwise are not provided to them easily. With small activities centered on underprivileged society, nature, our surroundings and pets we celebrate 'Day of Caring' with our junior helpers making them sensitive towards our society and in turn themselves.



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