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First, here is the good news that you always wanted to hear. Handmade chocolates are available in Delhi. Yes, we supply to occasions like the weddings. But, what is the secret behind this enigma? Let us think us a story, shall we?

It is a gift straight from heaven, a quite special one. The first prophet of the chocolate cult must be the one blessed being who first devised how to prepare chocolate from cocoa. Overjoyed and put into an aphrodisiac spell, the cult of chocolates united cultures, languages, and religions across the world as a most beauteous blessing. Truly, God filtered all the love in dark, and put it in dark chocolate. When was it? It is in the invisible genesis that the creator wrote on the Eighth Day, presumably celebrating His Seven Days of magnificent creation.

Chocolates are superb as gifts. Anyone can gift anyone else a gift of chocolate. It bonds brothers and sisters, friends, lovers, parents & children, strangers, and anyone else who would happily receive your gift of chocolate. When it is handmade, the privilege becomes umpteen times more. We are the creators of this exotic delight, mixing love in abundant proportions with cocoa, sugar, almonds, chips, and other ingredients. We put in cocoa butter, ground cocoa beans, and cocoa liquor to create the bittersweet absorption of taste that chocolate is so famous for. As the bakers to handmade chocolate in Delhi, we have the privilege of initiating everlasting bonds of love between people.

Chocolate and lovers

This is such an important aspect of chocolates, that it deserves a special mention. Lovers who share dark chocolate stories have a different chemistry altogether going on. It is symbolic in such a sweet sinister sense that between many couples dark chocolate has phenomenal secret meanings. Chocolates have had the privilege of being the meaning of so many sorry sayings, thank you feelings, and ‘I love you’ proposals. It continues to initiate new charms and mend broken relationships. Are you thinking of ordering an amazing box of handmade chocolates? We offer special chocolate boxes in Delhi. We take pride in recreating the delight of the heavens on earth. Love is a celestial feeling. It deserves a special treat. 

Chocolates and corporate

We are chocolate wholesaler in Delhi, also providing to corporate events. Our magical creations always serve as the cynosure of the event, irrespective of the nature of the delegation. We daresay, many workplace personal relations did begin from events where the chocolate gift was the main attraction.

Gluten Free Diets

A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye and triticale. A gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease.[1] Being gluten intolerant can often mean a person may also be wheat intolerant as well as suffer from the related inflammatory skin condition dermatitis herpetiformis,[2] There are a smaller minority of people who suffer from wheat intolerance alone and are tolerant to gluten.

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