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Medha provides a home like environment that welcomes families and children to enter a warm, friendly and well equipped day care to best suit the needs of each child. Our day care welcomes children aged 1.5 years to 10 years and with a dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff. We provide a safe, happy, caring and healthy environment. The staff works in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible childcare in all the areas of their learning and development. To comply with legislation and provide efficient levels of care, it is necessary to impose certain operating parameters. We have endeavored to keep the following to the absolute minimum and to ensure they are fair to both parents and Medha team.

Day Care Programme

Medha Day Care Programme keeps in mind the physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional need of the children in the programme. Medha does not provide night care/overnight facility.



Our Day care opens at 9:00 AM to 7.30 PM, Monday to Friday, throughout the year, closed only on gazette holidays. Extra time is chargeable by the hour.  Day care will be opened on Saturday only if minimum of 5 parents require the facility. The request for this should reach the office two days prior to the day facility is to be availed.


Partnership with families

Medha believes that parents are the child's first educators and that we are an extension of the home environment. In order to maximize the benefits of our program, we need to work in partnership with families and maintain open communication and a two-way sharing of knowledge. We at Medha believe families are children's most valued teachers and their involvement is encouraged as an important part of the program.


Medha always encourages full parental involvement throughout your child’s time with us at Day Care, and welcomes any questions, suggestions or ideas.



Medha’s daily menu of home cooked vegetarian meals is prepared freshly on site by our fully qualified cook. We believe in real food and aim to offer fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, offering a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Drinking water is available all day for the children. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated and weaning babies are catered for appropriate to their age and stage.

If there is anything on the menu that you wish your child not to have please inform our Administration department to inform the cook and an alternative meal will be given.

Our meal timings throughout the week remain same and are as follows:





1 PM onwards

Dal, Seasonal Vegetable, Chapati, Curd, Salad

Evening snacks

4:00 PM onwards

Glass of milk, Seasonal fruits, 1 snack like poha, idli, sandwich etc



Normal day clothes should be worn and parents are asked to bring a change of clothing with one spare polythene bag. Please make sure clothes fit in well, are really comfortable and are nicely packed and labeled. Also, please send a pair of slippers and a clean towel everyday.



Children should not attend day care if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhea or any other infectious illness. The child will be allowed to join back only after the parents produce a fitness certificate from a certified Doctor. If a child becomes ill while at the day care, a parent will be informed over the phone about their child’s illness and be asked to collect the child. But incase parents are not reachable over the phone other authorized contacts will be called. Medication is only given with the parental permission and when prescribed by a doctor unless previously authorized by the supervisor. Incase if a child’s temperature becomes exceptionally high and after all the other methods of relieving the temperature have been attempted e.g. tepid sponging etc and a parent cannot be reached over the phone then Calpol will be administered. However, we will try our level best to reach any of the parents before Calpol or any other mild medication is given. Incase a child has to receive regular, prescribed medication while at Day care, full written details and the medication clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage instructions must be provided. We always report and maintain a record of each incident i.e. illness, injury etc if it has happened at the Day care to the parents in the prescribed format.


Child Discipline

Medha ensures that all the child discipline methods used in the programme are communicated to all the parents, staff members and children etc We also ensure the disciplinary action which we take should be reasonable in the circumstances. Also with respect to a child in the programme we don’t inflict in any form of: physical punishment verbal or physical degradation emotional deprivation deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity use or permit the use of any form of physical restraint or confinement



We conduct all the activities with in the Medha premises only like theatre, dance classes, calligraphy, aerobics etc. And a child can participate in any of the activities offered as per his choice but only when we receive a parents written consent about child’s participation.


Payment Mode

We accept only 2 methods of payment cash or cheques. All the cheques should be made in the favour of “MEDHA”.


Physical space

All the washrooms and washroom fixtures are conveniently located and are easily accessible to children. Areas used for Day care have a layout that is conducive to effective supervision of children. We have a safe outdoor play space. The play area is securely enclosed on all sides.


Safety & security

For security reasons, children can only be collected by the authorized contacts provided on the registration form. In case of any changes in the contact person or any new contacts introduced must be provided in writing to the Day care in charge. Children cannot leave the premise unaccompanied or with unauthorized contacts. We at Medha always ensure that emergency evacuation procedures are made known to all the staff members and to the children where developmentally appropriate. Medha always ensure all the medication is stored in a locked cupboard/container that is inaccessible to children We only provide or allow the provision of health care to a child only if the written consent of the child’s parent has been obtained or the Health Care provided is in the nature of first aid All the indoor/outdoor furnishings play equipments and play materials are safe and maintained in good condition, developmentally appropriate.


Lost property

Parents are requested to clearly label all their child’s belongings like water bottle, clothes, bags, shoes etc to help avoid them getting misplaced. Day care does not accept any responsibility for the loss of property in the Day care.
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