Abacus And Vedic Maths

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Age Group
5 to 15
Days & Timings
Sat & Sun
Individual Classes
Pick-up and Drop Facility
Student Teacher Ratio
Average Fees
Rs 1000/Month

Abacus explores & grows your child's potential to most complicatedmathematic calculation at the spin of a hat. This is the oldest tool what gears his interest, confidence, skill and top it all

Leave the counting to us

Is your child confused by long calculations of Mathematics? Do messy equations make your child give-up? At last, a clear and simple way to learn Math calculations. Yes, G-Smart Abacus, a Global Path's brainwave makes it possible for your child to save time and effort while reaching the accurate answers. An Abacus or a counting frame is a counting tool used primarily in parts of Asia for executing Mathematics calculations. The abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used. But today, we have improved it, innovate it and molded it as per the needs of our little ones. Abacus is the only system of its kind which addresses all the key intricacies transpire while making Mathematical calculations. This feat enable child break the jinx of elongated and convoluted working and jump to the answers instantly hence, saving the crucial time and make Mathematics an interesting exercise. Indeed, by eliminating the long and frustrating calculations we have been successful in arousing student's interest in Mathematics. We talk about tuitions; we talk about excessive studying hours but now we won't look for any superfluous activity for our children as Global Path is coming with 'G-Smart Abacus' to make your child's studies easier.

So get ready you children to enjoy your studies and make your expedition to success as interesting as Mathematic calculation. Welcome Abacus.

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