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Chikoo's Education provides After-School Interactive Fun learning classes for children of 2-12 yrs.

We aim to achieve holistic development of a child with special emphasis on cognitive and intellectual needs by providing a carefully - resourced simulative and conducive environment.

Chikoo's Education focuses on Intelligence Development and Skill enhancement of children in areas like logical reasoning, critical thinking, language proficiency and cognitive abilities.Chikoo's Curriculum and Teaching methodologies have been designed by a team of experts from India and USA based on International standards.


Program Offerings


1. TODDLER GYM (2-5 years)


The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period.  

The first months and years of life set the stage for lifelong development. Recent advances in neuro- science have helped crystallize earlier findings, bringing new clarity and understanding to the field of early child- hood brain development.

Through increased understanding of brain development, we know what young children need most.

Positive, reliable and supportive relationships Regular routines and consistency Chances to repeat activities Opportunities to learn through hands-on interaction Exposure to rich, interactive language Novel ways to learn

At Chikoos Education, we try to provide children with opportunities to test new knowledge in a relaxed setting and then naturally relate it to existing knowledge and store the new information.



Preparing children for appropriate Olympiad Levels Using logical concepts to solve Maths problems Understanding Maths Strategies instead of learning math To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics To introduce important Mathematical concepts To teach major strategies for problem solving To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems To strengthen Mathematical intuition To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity




A number of Building Blocks have been identified for teaching Children to Read. These are:

Phonemic awareness: the concept that words are made up of sounds that are represented by letters Systematic phonics: linking individual letter(s) to the sounds they make to create words Guided oral reading: repeated and monitored oral reading improves reading fluency and overall reading achievement Vocabulary instruction: vocabulary is acquired by students both indirectly and directly Text comprehension instruction: comprehension in students can be improved by instruction that helps readers use specific comprehension strategies

The Scope and Sequence of the program is geared to educate a student through the reading gradients, from learning the consonant sounds and reading words with short vowel sounds, through all of the most common English phonetic patterns, up to advanced phonetic concepts such as silent letters and schwa.


The reading program works on different skills for reading and writing. These skiils are all taught at the same time throughout the program.

Learning The Letter Sounds - The 42 main sounds of English are introduced first. Children learn each letter by its sound, not its name Blending - This is the process of saying the individual letter sounds in a word, then running them together to make a word which is automatic for literate adults but difficult for young children


This program focuses on spelling through phonic rules instead of learning spelling through rote method. Phonic Rules give children strategies to spell words by applying a certain logic.

Identifying Sounds in Words - This basic skill focusses on students hearing and identifying the sounds in a word to spell it correctly Spelling the Tricky Words - Some words in English have irregular spelling and cannot be read by blending, e.g. 'said', 'was' and 'one'. Alternative Spelling - Once students have learned the 42 letter sounds they need to be made aware of alternative ways that some vowel sounds can be written.?
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