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My Family Handwriting- Nuclear family quarrels, divorce, rebellion child etc. Nuclear family quarrels, divorce, rebellion child etc. Family document which leads to better understanding & goals setting for a family.

VocEdu Chalk Board Writing- No course or training available for 93% of teaching community To develop the board skills for better lesson delivery & resolving visual perception challenges amongst working teachers & budding teachers (NTT,B.Ed. etc.). Complete solution through practical training.

VocEdu Handwriting & Signature Analysis- Many MNCs accept handwriting analysis, Handwriting depicts personality. Practical training for 9th standard even up-to CEO through practical training.

VocEdu Gifted Child- ADHD, Dyslexia couldn’t adapt regular fonts and training Virtual world leading to higher numbers of such children along with many other factors. Special fonts and manual for trainers.
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Dear Parents, 

Is Your child easily distracted?

Finds forming letters very difficult?

Writes slowly or wants to write only sentences?

Avoids Writing?

Has an awkward pencil grip, poor use of lines & margins, uneven spacing, spelling omissions etc.

"Handwriting is not Hand-writing, but its Brain which is writing"



World's Fastest Maths Calculation Method

Aryans Vedic Mathematics

Complete solution for Maths

Very useful for students of Class VI to XII

Ultimate for students preparing for NTSE, PSA (IX& XI Class), IMO, KVPY, Bank-PO, CAT, SSC, IAS, IIT, AIEEE,School Competions & all the other Entrance Exams.

The one & the only Complete Vedic Maths Program in the World

•Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus books @ aryans vedic mathematics can be solve easily along with verification.

•Sums @ aryans vedic mathematics can be solve by many methods. This develops creativity 

•Cross checking methods enables Confidence

•Maths @ aryans vedic mathematics becomes favorite subject. Students love to do Maths.


Creative Hands is an organisation who are the Resource partner for Aryans Vedic Mathematics ( INDIA) & IILM VocEdu Private Limited for Delhi .  We have our network in all over India having 1000+ franchisee in all over India.Please go through the website to understand the concept of the product  -


Classes-  Vedic Maths,Calligraphy, Graphology, Fine art, Spoken English & Handwriting improvement with activity to improve thier motor skill, fine motor skill fatigue buster. To develop Legible Handwriting/ Calligraphy skills through handwritten multicolored courseware




Do you know your handwriting reveals your personality?

Handwriting is not hand-writing but its is brain which is writing. We have enumerated few traits through three different "zones" in graphology. Each one represents a very different aspect of life.

How each letter reflects your personality?

The middle zone is where the lower case letters like a, c, e, i, m, n, u, and v. The middle zone represents daily life, reality, and social integration.

The lower zone is where the long loops of the lower case letters j, g, y, p, q, and z are. This area of the script is our biological needs and drives. This includes physical activity, our sex drives and materialism.

The upper zone is where the long loops shoot upward from lower case letters such as b, d, f, h, k, l, and t. This is the area of our intellect and spirituality.

If the writer lengthens the upper zone is displaying added interest in the intellectual and/or spiritual aspects of life. If the pressure is increased in this area of the script; then the writer is very intense and passionate about this extra interest.

Middle zone dominated writers are interested in social agendas and everyday life.

People that emphasize the lower zone are more interested in their personal drives; sex, physical activity, and/or finances. Even Athletes have dominant lower zones.

Emphasizing a zone will be created at the expense of one or both of the other zones. If the writer shortens or reduces pressure or any other de-emphasis of a particular zone; then he or she either is uncomfortable about that aspect of life, or just uninterested in it.

Important disclosure: Remember this is just a tip of iceberg of this particular aspect of handwriting. Please do not attempt to analyze a person's handwriting with just the information stated above.  Please consult VocEdu or any renowned graphologists for Handwriting Analysis.


Impact of Gadgets on Kids

Television, Play station and computers may lead to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

When we studied samples of handwriting of kids between 7 to 14 years from various schools almost 70% found suffering from ADD. Their parents confirmed more than 2 hours sitting in front of television or playing games on computers or playstation.Few common traits are

Stressed Handwriting

When kid’s handwriting shows - Heavy flow of ink with lot of stress while writing a letter.

It reflects kid has low tolerance and may be not able to mingle with a group.

When kid’s handwriting shows – almost scratched the paper and writing over and over.

It reflects kid has low esteem and may be a hesitant personality.

Margins & Lines

When kid’s handwriting shows – Flouting of left and right margins, four-lines and even baseline.

It reflects kids have developed a feeling of frustration and even lack concentration.

Results This may affect kid’s personality. Kid could become a timid, socially withdrawn, impatient and later on angry bird. Remedy -          Parents can’t replace themselves with gadgets so spend some time with them -          Send them for group activities (both indoor and outdoor) like learning new concepts – Mental arithmetic, dance, debates, football, cricket or any physical activity. This helps them to learn about the real world not the virtual world (Play station or computer games) and the success or failures of real world. -          Through handwriting which acts as a therapy (we call it Graphotherapy) to have positive impact on their personality.  -          Disclaimer – You have all rights to discard these findings and no claims or contest these findings legally or at personal level will be applicable on VocEdu.




Three ways you sign may be harmful to you

Have you ever noticed signature of successful people? Please, start observing the same and you may find a clue. We are going to share three ways which may be harming you.

Cutting your first name of surname or complete signature – When your sign and then cross it with lines reflects – trying to punish himself or herself,self-destruction.Generally,such people even commits suicide when they write short suicide note with crossed signatures. You stop this practice of crossing your signature horizontally and can feel the positive change in your attitude. Small Signature Big Handwriting – When your handwriting is much bigger than your signature reflects – procrastination attitude and lack of confidence. Such person when having other low esteemed strokes in a group thinks that he or she lacks in – talent, money or even looks. Always lives with a feeling that he or she less successful than others. May not able to face audience and can lead to psychological problems. Back Stroke after last letter or stroke- After writing the last letter or stroke people draws a backward underline. It reflects that they live in their past or talks about their past whether it is good or bad. Remember past has already gone and cannot be reversed. You are running a business or working as an employee this trait is going to impact your present. If you wish to underline try it from left to right and stop going back and you can feel the positive impact.


Important disclosure: Remember this is just a tip of iceberg of this particular aspect of signature analysis. Please, do not attempt to analyze a person's signature analysis and modification with just the information stated above.Please, consult VocEdu team or any renowned graphologists for Handwriting Analysis.

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    Mar 16,2011
    I had joined my daughter to this abacus course when she is just 5+, after one & half year she is so fast in add./ sub./ & multiplication. Teachers are very co-operative & friendly thanks to them