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5 to 40
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Mon-Sun, 9 AM to 7 PM
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DACC helps an individual to adopt a rational approach towards the aptitude, interest and ability, in order to facilitate a suitable vocation, without burdening him/her with over-expectation and social impositions.
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Rs 2000


Developmental Assessment and Counseling Center DACC is an organization of psychologists, educators, teachers and parents who unite to address the unique strengths and needs of children and youth. It encourages and responds to the diverse expressions from all cultural and socio-economic groups. DACC supports and engages in staff development, communication and collaboration with other organizations and agencies who strive to improve the quality of life.

“DACC acts like a mirror, helps individuals to understand their potential to realize their dreams. All this in a scientifically appropriate manner”

Developmental assessment originated in Developed countries over 15 year ago but has more recently gained public recognition in various developing countries, where it is enjoying phenomenal growth as more and more people discover its advantages for themselves. It is sweeping the country covering many aspects of development and personal life from the age group of 2 years to adulthood. DACC thus, helps an individual to adopt a rational approach towards the aptitude, interest and ability, in order to facilitate a suitable vocation, without burdening him/her with over-expectation and social impositions. DACC counselling services address emotional, behavioral and scholastic problems of children and adults. It is common for children to experience occasional problems as they grow and mature. When a child is faced with new situations, demands and expectations, it is common for the child to experience emotional ups and downs characterized by feeling of sadness, fear and anger.


Our Motive

We AIM to to stretch our hands to outreach every child and provide best help to make his/her develop as a successful and happy individual.


Our Belief

Every child has a lot of potential to grow and “if children are allowed free development and given occupation to correspond with their unfolding minds, their natural goodness will shine forth.”


Our Objective

To assess the individual on various developmental aspects

To optimize the potential of every child with the help of intervention programs

To help individual’s gain perspective, self-awareness, lose bad habits and learn tools for life

To improve on weaknesses and strengthen the abilities of an individual


Why Developmental Assessment?

As the world is becoming complex, parents and teachers have to play a proactive role in the holistic development of the child. Early identification of developmental and learning strengths and problems in individual’s life is essential for children’s broad and rapid development to make them grow as a happy and successful individual.


Are you Puzzled and can't make the right decision about your career!! Confused about What Career to Choose?? “Each one of us has a unique and different mix of intelligence types, and commonly the people with the least 'conventional' intelligence (as measured using old-fashioned narrow criteria), actually possess enormous talent - often under-valued, unknown and under-developed.” A person who is strong musically and weak numerically will be more likely to develop numerical and logical skills through music, and not by being bombarded by numbers alone.  A person who is weak spatially and strong numerically, will be more likely to develop spatial ability if it is explained and developed by using numbers and logic, and not by asking them to pack a suitcase in front of an audience.  A person who is weak bodily and physically and strong numerically might best be encouraged to increase their physical activity by encouraging them to learn about the mathematical and scientific relationships between exercise, diet and health, rather than forcing them to box or play rugby.  Many very successful and fulfilled people in life were also judged to be failures at school - brilliant scientists, leaders, writers, entertainers, sports-people, soldiers, humanitarians, healers, religious and political leaders - all sorts of happy, fulfilled remarkable people - they too were judged according to a very narrow definition of what constitutes intelligence. When should you begin the career planning? What are your natural strengths/skill set?  What is your area of interest? Which stream should you choose (Science, humanity & commerce, etc)? Which career will take you to the height of excellence?  And much more….. According to your natural intelligence/interest & capability, we can help you find answers to above. We guide in developing you through your strengths and make you happy (because everyone enjoys working in their strength areas) - and we also make you gain self-confidence and lift your belief. We help you in finding which intelligences set you possess and which is the most appropriate career for you according to that and your interest, capability and brain type through various standardized psychological tests. This psychological testing method has been extensively used in various developed countries like U.S.A., UK, Germany, France etc since very longtime and are now available to you now in India through D.A.C.C (Developmental Assessment and Counseling Center).

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