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Orange Octopus is an all-new after-school activity center for children comprising of activities and classes to boost every facet of your child's overall development and growth. Scaled over a large outdoor and indoor area, we ensure your child receives the right balance of physical, emotional and mental stimuli for his/her all round development. We hold the vision of bringing the best to the children of our community with our fun filled activities and our unique way of imparting various skills and building hobbies. Our classes and activities are administered by a faculty who are reputed /established in their respective fields. Following are the activities being conducted Currently:-

Handwriting Improvement: The ability to write legibly affects the entire academic career of your child. Good handwritings give a good first impression. Handwriting Improvement classes will provide the child with the right guidance to achieve good and neat handwriting.

Calligraphy: It is often said that handwriting is a reflection of personality. The class will introduce kids to a world of modern calligraphy where writing is a work of art which is pleasing to the reader as well as the writer.

Speed Handwriting: In this competitive world, writing clear and fast will help kids have an edge over the others. Help your kids develop the art of writing fast without errors with the speed writing workshop.

Maple Maths: This programme increases the speed of calculation for students.This is relevant for children from 2nd to 10th grade and has given fantastic results for students as a part of curriculum and as after school programme .                                                        

 About Instructor : Instuctor is a committed, resourceful and enthusiastic educator and Soft Skills Trainer. Her Certification’s include that in Maple Maths, Handwriting in English for cursive, print fonts & Hindi, Calligraphy, Speed Writing. 


Badminton: Ignite the passion of badminton in your child. Let them ‘smash’ their way through tournaments with badminton classes.      

About Instructor:: Let your kids learn from a National level player who is ranked amongst the top 50 players of the country.


French: Learning new languages is always expedient. Give your kids a chance to learn the language of love in a fun, creative and stimulating way during French Classes.                                                      

About Instuctor: The instructor is certified a Master in French Language from renowned 'Alliance Français de Delhi', has published two textbooks and has teaching experience at the top schools in Delhi.


Guitar: Music speaks when words fail. Master the guitar completely at the Guitar classes. Develop an artistic awareness with highly individualised classes.                                                          

About Instructor: The class is headed by the founder and guitarist of a popular band with several compositions under his name. Has also performed at various music festivals and live concerts.



Kathak: Let your kid delve into the traditional dance form of Kathak known for the rhythmic footwork and subtle expressions.              

About Instructor:Kids will learn under the tutelage of a professionally trained and internationally acclaimed danseuse.


Keyboard: The keyboard classes will give kids an opportunity to master the melodies in the keyboard.                                    

About Insructor:The instructor is a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has taught at some of the most reputed schools of Delhi and has numerous compositions and background scores under his name.



Kids and Clay Pottery: Kids at the pottery class learn how to give shape to their expressions and acquire the mind set for three dimensional thinking.                                                      

About Instuctor: Professionally a designer, the instructor has been teaching pottery at various school for a while now. He has also participated in numerous art exhibitions.              



Vocal Music: Singing is the most beautiful way of sharing thoughts and feelings. Learn the basics of Western and Classical music in the Vocal Music class.                                                                    

About Instructor: The teacher is the lead vocalist of a well-known band and has trained under PT. Shri Arun Debnath of Kirana Gharana. Has also performed at prestigious music festivals and venues.

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