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We realised that with IT revolution more time is being spent on keyboards and touch screens, and an important human brain development skill especially in children has started depleting.
Children are texting, tapping and typing more than ever, leaving less time to master the old-skill known as handwriting.
Research shows that handwriting increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, and can predict a child's academic success in ways that keyboarding can't. Handwriting aids memory. If you write yourself a list or a note - then lose it - you're more likely to remember what you wrote than if you just tried to memorise it.
Handwriting proficiency inspires confidence. The more we practice a skill such as handwriting, the stronger the motor pathways become until the skill becomes automatic. Once it's mastered, children can move on to focus on the subject, rather than worry about how to form letters.
The contract, direction and pressure of the pen or pencil send the brain a message. The repetitive process of handwriting integrates motor pathways into the brain. When it becomes automatic or learned, there's almost a groove in the pathways. The more children write, the more pathways are laid down. But if they write them poorly, then they're getting a faulty pathway, so even adults need to go back and correct it.

This is because Handwriting is not just the hand writing, but it is the brain which is writing!

While undergoing the Vocedu Handwriting Course, children have shown visible change in their self motivation to improve their behaviour and have developed the desire to excel academically.

We have various testimonials by parents expressing their satisfaction.
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I have been working in the Education industry for the past 25 years. I worked with the likes of World Book Inc. (U.S.A.), Highlights for Children (U.S.A.) and Child Psychologist Rohit Juneja.I am currently working with Vocedu (Vocational Training Organisation), which aims to enhance concentration, attention span and correct behavioural issues through activity based Handwriting Courses. I am a certified trainer for the Vocedu Handwriting Course and have trained teachers in play schools and primary schools.
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  • Seema maam is great to make things fun to learn.
    May 07,2015
    It was a very good expxperience that this kind of a course is there for the kids to learn and improve there handwriting.Though I would not say that my Daughter has improved like I expected but surely there is a difference in her handwriting , despite I couldn't make her join the classes on a very re... 
  • Pleasure to see a change in my child
    May 05,2015
    My child was aggressive, distracted and hyper. There is a major change in his personality after joining the Vocedu Handwriting Course. His handwriting has completely changed and he is also more responsible with his school work. 
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