Anala Outdoors Marine Camp Mithapur

Event Information
Age Group
11 and above
Event Date
27-Dec-2016 to 30-Dec-2016
Last Date of Registration
07:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Marine Camp is a unique concept wherein the participants learn to live with the marine environment. High and low tides, the inter-tidal zone, winds blowing from the land to the sea and the reversal of it, the amazing life forms found in the sea…

Their campsite at is at Sagar Pumping Station, Mithapur. Close to the Gulf of Kachchh Marine National Park in Jamnagar district that Covers 42 islands. The National Park is famous for its living coral reefs, which are the only one along the western coast of India except Lakshadweep. 40 species of corals, jellyfishes, sea anemones, crabs, starfishes, and turtles are there. In addition, a large number of migratory and resident birds frequent this area. It will be interesting to observe and identify a few of these. The lucky ones will get a chance to see Dolphins too.

Activities: Visit to the Corals Reef where one can watch some marine creatures, Sea bathing, Boat ride, Visit to Light house, & Fishermen Jetty.

Camp Accommodation: Five participants will share one alpine tent , seperate for Girls and Boys. Western toilets would be of make-shift kind.

Please Carry: Two pairs of clothes, shorts, sweater/jacket, cap, towel, sports shoes, socks, Slippers/floaters, torch, water bag, sanitary requisites and day pack. Binoculars and Camera are optional.

All The Items: mentioned should preferably be packed in a rucksack that is easier to carry. Please do not bring mobile phone, plastic/polythene bags or any disposable items, ornaments and other valuables. Binoculars and camera are optional.

Registration: Please fill up the registration form and pay full amount.

Contact Person
Mr. Neerav
Contact No.
91-9662299021 / 79-26442289 / 26561359
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