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Age Group
2 to 60
Key Attractions
The Stellar Children's Museum is an interactive, play-based museum, modelled after some of the best Children's Museums in the world.
Visit Duration
3 to 4 Hours
Picnic Venue
Days & Timings
Tue to Fri: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM, Sat & Sun: 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Tickets/Entry Fee
The entry fee for Stellar Gymkhana members is Rs. 150 per child and Rs. 75 per adult; For a general visitor it’s Rs. 300 per child and Rs. 150 per adult.
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Guided Tours
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Restroom Available

The Stellar Children's Museum is the first of its kind in India, modelled after some of the best Children's Museums in the world. The extremely interactive and play-based exhibits offer a safe and interesting place for children to play, learn and discover the world around them in exciting ways. Designed by experts from Chicago, the Stellar Children's Museum boasts of multiple galleries full of fun and learning.

It is the perfect solution for parents who want their children to be entertained throughout the year. The Museum has a number of role-play and collaborative work exhibits that also give the child valuable learning opportunities. It is also the much needed solution for rainy/sunny days and the "I'm bored!" feeling in kids. It is a safe, confined indoor area and so the parents can sit back and relax as their children play and explore the museum.

While exhibits and play areas may seem incredibly simple to the adult eye, they all present the world to the child in an unique way where the simplest things end up being the most fascinating.

The Stellar Children's Museum is also a member of the international Association of Children's Museums. Our Museum has 7 galleries, each offering a different look at the world around us to ignite imagination and curiosity in the minds of the children.


Visitors are transformed into budding scientists in the Invent It exhibit area. Through experimentation, interactives in the Invent It area encourage the exploration of various physical sciences including air, gravity and magnetism. Various interactives encourage the development of self-confidence and problem-solving skills through creative, fun activities that intrigue visitors to explore and discover the world of science.


The Build It area provides opportunities for visitors to investigate the applied sciences by combining and rearranging components to alter existing objects or create new objects in interactives that utilize simple machines and other tools. Various experiences encourage the development of problem-solving skills and creative expression while maintaining a fun and exciting play environment.


The Create It gallery offers the space and materials for young artists to explore various media and foundational concepts of the visual arts; color, line, form, texture, and composition. Kinetic, tonal and role-playing activities teach the fundamentals of music and performance. The overall experience offered to visitors allows them to contribute their own vision to our shared cultural landscape.


The Live It exhibit gallery provides opportunities for role play and self expression in a comfortable environment. Various interactives also encourage the development of problem-solving and reasoning skills through activities that involve sorting, counting, guess and check, and other early learning skills.


The Discover It exhibit gallery presents visitors with an overview of the fascinating world they live in. Various interactives encourage the exploration of cultures and regions through the touch and sight while also providing fine motor challenges that emphasize problem-solving skills for all visitors. This area transports visitors across the globe as it integrates people, places and ideas from around the world into kinesthetic, tactile experiences through a series of designated pods with activities that utilize fine motor skills and encourage visitors to stop and learn through moments of discovery.


The Explore It area transports visitors on a journey to the depths of the forest, providing opportunities for sensory investigation and gross-motor challenges. Grab a pair of binoculars and get ready to venture into the tropical forest of the Explore It area where visitors are encompassed by a physically active space that encourages the investigation of the surrounding world through gross-motor skills including climbing, jumping, rolling and crawling!


Here, children and their adult friends explore the way water moves by watching it, touching it and redirecting it. Children tumble boats and roll balls down the zig-zag water ramps or float them safely through a channel they construct using the lock system. Kids and grown-ups work together to build mazes to redirect the flow of water, use their problem solving skills to construct systems with elements that are both simple and wildly unpredictable.

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