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Music may have been in existence for at least 50,000 years. and the first music may have been invented in  Africa and then evolving to become a fundamental constituent of human life. Music is one of the most profound human achievements. It is a universal sound which can create emotions and express feelings. Music also soothes the mind. There is rarely anybody who is not touched by music in some way at some time in their lives.                     Kadambari school of music & dance is a multi cultural activitiescenter, India has a long tradition of art and culture giving preeminence to classical music and dance. Since ancient times music and dance in India have attained a high degree of excellence from both technical and aesthetic viewpoints and it has been noticed all over the world. The great sages and saints of India found in these classical arts the supreme values of Indian culture as a result of which Classical music and dance have profoundly influenced the human emotions and feelings.The Kadambari  School of  Music  sees a world where music unites. Established in 2000, The KSM has enjoyed promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. To us, music is a cause, it is a commitment. The music we teach helps instill discipline, confidence and a sense of commitment. To some it is a powerful channel to express emotions. And for many of our students, music has become a profession or passion that has really taken them around the globe as cultural ambassadors. We attracts an enthusiastic group of students, spanning various age groups – from little children taking their first steps into music, to professionals who are keen to take their music to higher levels.Teaching  music, our students train for the Music Examinations. A dedicated group of teachers train young people each year.

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