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“Art is visualizing the invisible”

Art is a medium which soothes our nerves from the turmoil and hectic schedules of our daily lives. Our focus at Key Art Classes is to provide you with an atmosphere conducive for your inner development through Art. As we all know learning any type of artwork requires patience, concentration, focus, hard work, self discipline and creative abilities. Each person is gifted with all these aspects but we use only a fraction of it. Through our teachings we try to develop these areas in an individual which in turn gives birth to a totally new person full of positivity and helps him/her achieve greater success in life.

Art not only helps adults but also children of all age groups and teenagers. It helps them feel good about themselves, grow intellectually, emotionally and socially and master the world around them. They learn to imagine, create and express. They develop self confidence and discipline. They get an opportunity to learn and accept different cultures and values. It encourages children’s curiosity through observing, questioning, experiencing and experimenting. Their problem solving ability is enhanced and they also learn to work co-operatively in groups. It helps them to appreciate different point of views. If a child is guided through Art at a very early age in life, he/she eventually grows to become a more mature, disciplined and a calm person who is ready to take on the challenges of life. We also help parents in understanding Art and the positive effect it has on their children.

The potential for creativity “the act of making something new” lives in each of us. Our aim is to unlock this potential and promote Art in a holistic manner for your overall personality development. Art is a fantastic medium to uncover your hidden talents; your hidden personality trait which in turn helps you know yourself better.

Come join us to know a new “you” within you.

 There are unlimited creative ways of learning Art.Each has a unique way of inspiring you. We start from the basics to help you grasp more finer versions. We also guide students wishing to join art, architecture and design colleges in India and abroad and help them create their portfolios for the same. Our specialisation also lies in : 

Line drawings Fashion drawings Interior drawings Architecture drawings Perspective Foliage study Life study Composition Mono Printing Basic Commercial Art Caricature Different "ISMS" from European Art such as impressionism, romanticism, cubism etc.. Installation


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