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Centres available in Various Parts of Delhi


To develop Legible Handwriting and Calligraphy skills through handwritten multicolored courseware


English,Hindi,Calligraphy,Punjabi handwriting along with activities to improve motor, fine-motor, sensory, ocular-motor, eye hand coordination, scissor and fatigue buster skills.

Name of the Organization

IILM VocEdu Private Limited

Point of Contact

Mr. Ajay Vasudeva ; 098-1898-9629(M)




Pre-Handwriting Manual/Checklist

Handy checklist for teachers, parents, doctors etc. from birth till 6 years 1 month.

Activities Manual

To improve motor, fine-motor, sensory, ocular-motor, eye hand coordination, scissor and fatigue buster skills.

Lesson Plan

Stepwise lesson plan


School teachers on regular courses and counselor/therapist will be trained on remedies for the following


Brain working, Development of five senses, Right or Left hand, Learning disabilities, Dysgraphia, Sitting, positioning, grasping and remedies for such learning disabilities.


Regular visits and consultation will be provided for challenging cases.




Do you know your handwriting reveals your personality?

Handwriting is not hand-writing but it is brain which is writing. We have enumerated few traits through three different "zones" in graphology. Each one represents a very different aspect of life.

How each letter reflects your personality?

The middle zone is where the lower case letters like a, c, e, i, m, n, u, and v. The middle zone represents daily life, reality, and social integration.

The lower zone is where the long loops of the lower case letters j, g, y, p, q, and z are. This area of the script is our biological needs and drives. This includes physical activity, our sex drives and materialism.

The upper zone is where the long loops shoot upward from lower case letters such as b, d, f, h, k, l, and t. This is the area of our intellect and spirituality.

If the writer lengthens the upper zone is displaying added interest in the intellectual and/or spiritual aspects of life. If the pressure is increased in this area of the script; then the writer is very intense and passionate about this extra interest.

Middle zone dominated writers are interested in social agendas and everyday life.

People that emphasize the lower zone are more interested in their personal drives; sex, physical activity, and/or finances. Even Athletes have dominant lower zones.

Emphasizing a zone will be created at the expense of one or both of the other zones. If the writer shortens or reduces pressure or any other de-emphasis of a particular zone; then he or she either is uncomfortable about that aspect of life, or just uninterested in it.

Important disclosure: Remember this is just a tip of iceberg of this particular aspect of handwriting. Please do not attempt to analyze a person's handwriting with just the information stated above.  Please consult VocEdu or any renowned graphologists for Handwriting Analysis.


Centres available in Various Parts of Delhi

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Mr. Ajay Vasudeva
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Ashok Vihar Phase 1 A-12 Basement Near Post Office Central Market DL IN - 110052   Ashok Vihar Delhi   Nearest Metro Station: keshavpuram
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