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We provide Daycare and Academics .
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True learning is not complete unless we give children a ‘real life experience’ and this is what we offer our children of the Playschool.Every month we have Outings which are of course Concept related and it could be to relevant places as exciting as the Zoo, the Rail Museum, Mother Diary, the neighborhood hypermarket, police station, nursing home, florist, cobbler, tailor, places of worship- church, temple, gurdwara etc.Anubhav, an institution for the very young is unique in its approach to learning. It is learning with love.At Anubhav we believe that in order to fulfill the needs of modern society, we must ensure that our Value system does not get eroded in the name of modernization. So, at Anubhav you get a Playschool that is simple, non-fancy and at the same time deep rooted in values and today’s needs.At Anubhav, we promote humanistic education. All our love and sincerity is poured into education. To us, the ultimate and ideal mission of education is to create a world in which the eyes of every child will sparkle with joy, and will be filled with hope, and dreams for future. Young plants raised in rich soil will eventually bear good quality fruit.We are making the best of efforts to offer intellectual, physical, social, cultural and spiritual richness to the young lives. In short, our endeavor is to create and add value to the lives of children to enable them to bloom into capable, responsible and compassionate individuals.While our Play school follows a rigorous curriculum with adequate focus on academics; physical, social, cultural and spiritual workouts are given equal importance.The Play school lays emphasis on the development of social skills, gross and fine motor skills, eye hand co - ordination, and cognitive and language development. The Play school learning is mostly experiential.A typical day at Anubhav play school begins with “Gayatri Mantra” and Om chanting….There is yoga, physical exercises and organized games.Colouring, art and craft, orals (rhymes, stories, concept based discussion), music and dance fill the day.Concept based outings, festival celebrations; nature walks make the learning holistic and ensure well rounded development of children.We also take care of our little one’s health and have Annual Dental and Eye Check ups for all our children be it the Playschool or the Daycare.Parents and grandparents are also an integral part of our Play school.We organize parenting workshops for them and add lot of value by facilitating interactions with professionals from the field. Anubhav extends tremendous counseling support to the young parents, many of whom are first time parents, on varied issues ranging from health to relationships to school admissions. These one to one and heart to heart dialogues have been a catalyst in strengthening long lasting bonds between the parents and the Centre team.For us at Anubhav, grandparents are very special. We create enough opportunities for meaningful interaction with the grandparents, to offer our debt of gratitude to them and to acknowledge their very special role in the lives of their grandchildren.Inclusive ApproachThe Playschool prides itself on having an Inclusive Approach to learning. Children with ‘special needs’ – be it a simple speech delay, hearing problem, autism, etc are all a part of the Anubhav family. With a full time special educator and counselor on board we are able to give that special touch needed by these children and their parents.Outreach InitiativesContinuing with our spirit of contributing, we hand over the various kind contribution received from our parents to Goonj, the NGO linking the donors to receivers. The quantity and quality of collection is remarkable. We wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all those who open their hearts to support the not so fortunate. Please be assured that through this kind gesture you all have accumulated abundant good fortune.We take pride in sharing that we have extended our educational services to the not so privileged children. They are equally competent but only lack the opportunity for quality education. These children’s education is sponsored by the centre. We charge a very nominal fee to ensure their seriousness towards education and that they value education. Most of these children have made it to good schools in the past.

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Dr Neena Gulabani
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011-46566625, 011-46536255, 9311145400, 9311145401
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B-36, Pamposh Enclave opposite GK-1 Enclave DL IN - 110048   Greater Kailash   Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony,Nehru Place
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