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International Karate Federation was introduced in India by Sensei Yogender Chauhan in the year 2005, as the name International Karate Federation India. The Indian branch of IKF is the only representative body of International Karate Federation. Sensei Chauhan has a rich experience in Shito Ryu Karate-Do. He has won many championships and many of his students have performed exceptionally in National and International Championships. Over the past 16 years, IKF has been recognized as the No. 1 karate school in the nation according to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). No other school has been able to bring home more gold medals in one single event like International Karate Federation. Alongwith being the best in the nation, several IKF students are also world champions! Through their dedication and commitment to the art, they will continue to succeed as will the other students that follow in their footsteps.




Black belt 5TH dan Chief Instuctor ikfi for india  tec.chairman for delhi  asian refree(akf) tec.council member india My Vision For You :-

 Training in Martial arts (karate) is essentialy a process of change. A weak person will become strong, while a strong person will learn to controle and harness their strength, An agressive Individual will learn self controle, while the passive person will develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. Many of the benefits of karate training becomes apparentafter only a few sessin and the continue to develop over many years and they are

Benefits for Kids :-

Unlock the key to better focus and greater confidence We help children reach their peak potential in life Martial arts is about developing character Karate can enhance your child's focus Help your child build confidence Improve your child's discipline  Help your child's treat others with great respect Increase your child's capacity for self controle Develop your child's leadership skills Teach your Child's to defend himself
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