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Master Saikia Taekwondo Academy  Programs  Adult Programs (14 Above ) 

You Will Experience A Combination Of Exercises For Both The Body And The Mind.  Isometric And Dynamic Tension Exercises Will Strengthen The Body; Stretching Will Help Develop Optimum Flexibility; Warm-Up Exercises And Sparring Routines Will Develop Cardiovascular Fitness; And Deep Breathing And Concentration Exercises Will Relax Your Mind, Sharpen Your Responses And Promote Energy.

Little Tiger Program (3 To 6 Years Old)

Studies Have Shown That Ages Three Through Six Are The Most Important Years Of Your Child’s Development.  Our Specialized Little Tiger Offers An Age-Specific Curriculum That Has Been Professionally Designed To Teach Children Life Skills In A Fun, Exciting And Enriching Manner.

Once Enrolled In Our Little Tiger Program Your Child Will Become A Sharper Student In School And A Better Listener At Home.  Little Tiger  Learns The Value Of Teamwork, Good Manners, And To Try Their Best At All Times.  As An Added Benefit, All The Phoenix Class Activities Are Designed To Keep Your Child Mentally And Physically Fit.  Constant Praise Of Their Efforts Helps To Create An “I Can” Attitude As Tiger Advance In The Program.

Youth Programs (6 To 13 Years Old )

 The Youth Program Is Specifically Designed For Children Between The Ages Of Seven To Twelve.  This Program Will Greatly Enhance Your Child’s Focusing Skills, Instill Self-Discipline And Self- Control, And Increase Self-Confidence.  We Believe These Traits Will Build A Strong Character And Set A Solid Foundation For Each Of Our Students.   These Lessons Will Not Only Help Them To Improve Their Grades In School, But They Will Also Prepare Them To Resist Peer Pressure And Excel In Life’s Challenges. They also became a Olympic champion in Tekwondo .

After School Taekwondo Program

During The School Year, MSTA Offers A Unique After School Care Program.   The Program And Its Activities Are Supervised By Trained, Certified Instructors And Their Assistants.  Our Well Structured Program Includes Arts & Crafts And Games, But The Primary Focus Is On Homework, Character Development And Taekwondo Training.  The Program Is Fun And Educational, However, We Emphasize Self-Discipline, Which Builds A Strong Foundation At An Early Age. 

Summer Camp


Designed To Keep Your Child Entertained All Summer, Our Summer Camp Is A Fun, Structured Way To Spend Those Long Hot Days.  Campers Will Participate In Daily Taekwondo Practice And Will Also Work On Incorporating The Taekwondo Values Into Their Everyday Lives.  By The End Of The Summer You Will See A More Focused And Disciplined Child.  Sounds Like Work?  It’s Not.  Our Instructors Are Trained To Take The Humdrum Out Of Learning And Present All Lessons In A Fun And Exciting Way.  Campers Also Participate In weekly  Field Trips.  A Few Favorites are the Movies, Games And Swimming.

Weapons Training


Our Weapon Training Class Is Designed As An Extra curricular Activity For Students Who Have Attained The Rank Of Green Belt And Above.  We Practice The Jang Bong (Bo Staff), The E Dang Bong (Numchuks), And Kum Do (The Art Of Korean Sword).   If You Are Interested In This Class Please asked MSTA For Details. 

X-treme Competition Team


Comprised Of Students From Age 6 And Older, This Team Has Participated In Several Competitions Over The Last Year. They Have Brought Home With Gold Medals.  Student Going To Participation State, National, Open International Tournament Deferent County In The World . Students Must Receive An Invitation From Their Instructor To Tryout For The Team .  Master Saikia specials is International champion he was in Indian team as captain 10 years.   

X-Treme  Demo Team


The MSTA Extreme Demonstration Team Is Made Up Of The Best Of The Best Of Our School.  They Have The Highest Level Of Taekwondo Attitude And Physical Skill.  The Demo Team Travels All India To Educating Our Community Of The Benefits Of Our Martial Arts.  To Qualify For The  Demo Team, Students Must Be Green Belt Or Higher And Obtain Instructor Approval.

Teaching Principles


In Addition To The Physical Aspects Of Traditional Taekwondo Training, Our Teaching Is Based On The Following Principles.  These Principles Comprise The Ten Student Commitments Of International Taekwondo.  The Commitments Are Recited At The End Of Every Class And Each Student Is Expected To Live By Those Commitments. 

I Will Be Loyal To My Country. I Will Honor My Parents. I Will Love My Family And Cooperate With Them. I Will Be Faithful To My Friends. I Will Respect My Elders And Care For My Juniors. I Will Establish A Positive Relationship With My Teachers. I Will Treat All Living Things With Care. I Will Never Seek Advantage Of Those Who Are Weaker. I Will Only Use Tae Kwon Do To Benefit Others And Myself. I Will Always Finish What I Start.
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