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4 to 30
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Shreya Marwah has won Gold Medal in All Simna Martial Arts Invitational Cup
Annie Patwal has got Best Femal Martial Arts Player of Delhi

there are lots of achievers in our Academy , Come to us and see the results
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Mon to Sat - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Our unique Martial Arts program is designed for all age group of people (kids, adults and elderly). The unique program doesn’t require the level of martial art experience.Our expert instructors will teach you firstly how to develop your martial arts skills your physical strength, endurance and your self defence capabilities.We will teach you to the level of martial art which will be exclusive.

*We have various specialised courses designed and customised for all age groups. People can learn the most pouplar fighting technique here which is called Simna. This technique is based on Road fight techniques. Simna includes variety of martial arts like: Karate, Jiu jitsu, Kickboxing, Wing chun, kung fu, Al-hara and the weapons Combat.

*Simna martial arts teach self defence and martial arts for the safety, protection and your own peace of mind. Given this marvelous techniques, it’s a great thought to learn simna.Although we have laws, police and constitution to protect us from violence, crime and unseen dangers but unfortunately we cannot rely on them to provide us 24 hrs a day protection. Therefore, we should be equipped to be able to protect our selves and our loved ones. Prepare your self with knowledge, skills and the power of Simna.

Martial Arts and Self Defence

There are many valuable advantages while learning martial arts skills & self defence like: improving your health, fitness your inner strength building. The form which you will use while doing the martial arts techniques such as throwing, hand striking, kicking, close combative system, punching, blocking etc which itself is an aerobic & anaerobic exercise. Martial arts itself develops a great concentration,build your reflexes, agilities, flexibility, body coordination and creates balance in you.You can build a grea confidence as well as you can control your increasing weight.

Let’s read about the person who is the President & Founder Of Simna Martial Art Organisation:-

Grand Master S.S.Khan (6th Dan Black Belt)He is the Vice President of All India Sports Karate-Do Federation.He is the General Secretary of All Kenpokai Martial Arts association.He is the Chief representative of AMXMA InternationalAnd last but not the leastHe is the Chairman of - I.K.W.A. He already trained over 1400 people in India from last 10 years. He is having 18 years experience in this particular field.

Our kids classes is full of training, fun & educational. We are taking kids classes thrice in a week or twice in a week .One class is for 1 hour.We have a dynamic curriculum that will keep the kids engaged.and you can see the constant improvement as well.Incentive programs such as Academic achiever, black belt, club & demo team reward effort are there. We work for your children's goal and turn them into a leaders What is important and precious in our academy is Honesty, integrity & respect.While providing the weekly training to your child we carefully monitor the success and results.

Simna martial arts & self defence works on your mind, body, spirit, potential power in your life. We conduct beginners to advance level trainings. We start our training for beginners through a high level of basic competency.

Small Stick Fighting technique along with an “I Can Do It” attitude is only taught in Simna.Here are the some levels of training Durations for group and personal classes:Level-1, Level-2,level-3, level-4,level-5, & Level-6 (Each level take 6 months practice) and our Black Belt training program needs 11 certifications.s

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Master Khan
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7065579097, 7065579040
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RZ 111/7, Vashisht Park, Sagarpur-Janakpuri Opposite -Desu Stand, Near Shakuntla Nursing Home DL IN - 110046   Janakpuri   Nearest Metro Station: Janakpuri west
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