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Han You Chinese Language Institute is Located in Southern Part of Delhi and conducts regular Chinese Language Courses for learners. Han You Chinese Language institute offers following important courses:Corporate Chinese Language Course-This Chinese Language Course has been designed for particularly for Big Corporate Houses or Multinational Companies which have business tie-ups with China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Corporate Chinese Language Course is very helpful for Company employees for basic understanding and Communication with Chinese, Taiwanese or Hong Kong Counterparts. This will certainly give boost in growth of Business. Follow the given link for more details on Corporate Chinese Language Courses, Schedule and other relevant information. Teachers are also available for Employees Chinese Language training program at the company premises.Businessmen Chinese Language Course-This course is especially designed for Individual Businessmen who are having business tie-ups with companies and factories in Taiwan, China and Hong-Kong. Businessmen Chinese Course will help Indian Buyers or sellers to have basic conversation and price negotiation. It also help them to travel around in these countries where Mandarin is brought in communication at a large level. HanYou also have strong network regarding Chinese society to help our members to enter into Chinese World. Follow the given link for more details on Businessmen Chinese Language Course, Schedule and other relevant information. This Course Classes organized only in HanYou Chinese Language Institute in Delhi.Children Chinese Learning Course-This course is basically worked out for young language learners. It will be a cutting edge in the present world of competition to know some foreign language. China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are majorly involving in Business trade with India; therefore, Chinese Language expert has large growth opportunities. Thus, it is important if students start learning Chinese at young age. HanYou not only teach chinese language but also delivers rich coulture and courtesy to the students. HanYou Chinese Language Institute Organize classes for young learners in institute premises only. For more details on Children Chinese Learning Course, kindly follow this link:Chinese Courses for Foreigners-HanYou Chinese Language Institute also organize courses for foreigners. All those foreigners who are in India for a short time span and then further either going to Hong Kong, China or Taiwan can have perfect opportunity to learning Mandarin from Native Teachers of Mandarin origin. This will help them to understand the accent and thus allows them to communicate properly in Mandarin. For more details on Chinese Learning Course for Foreigners, kindly follow this link: Chinese HSK Test Conducting Tour – Earlier some of Education Institutes in India and Nepal conducts HSK test, however, there is no reliable information on conducting of HSK test in India and Nepal. For those who are eager to prove themselves in Chinese Language Experts, have to now target some of China Universities where HSK test every year is held. HanYou Chinese Language institute organize your HSK test arrangements so that you can only concentrate on preparation of HSK Test and Institute will take care all relevant arrangements. Study Abroad in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan-HanYou Language Institute have good tie-ups with some famous China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Universities where you can move for your higher or further studies. HanYou Chinese Language institute welcome also candidates who are interested to study in HongKong, China or Taiwan. Courses for Beginners / Intermediates Learners-HanYou Language Institute invite all Chinese Language learners whether they are Beginners or Already learnt some basics of Chinese Language. HanYou Institute first take interview of Learners and then accordingly adjust these learners to the batches which fits best to the level Chinese Language learning. Beginners starts learning with speaking of words with proper pronunciation, as word tones play very important role in Chinese Language, wrong pronunciation of tones, definitely change the meaning of the words in Chinese Language. By considering this important element of Chinese Language, we have assigned Native Chinese Teachers from China / Taiwan or Hong-Kong. Han You Chinese Language Institute believes in quality teaching without any compromise with the trust of learners. Chinese Study Tours to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong-We are constantly in-touch with Some Schools in Delhi, to organize study tours to China, Taiwan or Hong Kong during summer holidays in Delhi. This study allows the students to learn about the ancient language Mandarin, the culture of China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. It also includes the language learning classes in the respective country. Other important reason of Chinese Study tour is that students will get the opportunity to build up their own social network with other international students. This Tour also is useful for Teachers to get acknowledged with the study and teaching style of other countries.?

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