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Puzzle Books, Coloring Books, Read & Learn, Activity Book, Baord Books, Jigsaw Puzzles

Art Factory, an imprint of JJ Imprints (P) Ltd. established with its focus on providing   children books, puzzles and games for preschool and elementary level. The book range covers both fiction and non fiction and includes the classics, picture books, joke books and novelty formats, as well as books for babies and toddlers. Art Factory also came up with workbooks and flash cards in essential curriculum areas such as reading, math, writing, test preparation, and much more. The puzzle and games section covers jigsaws, chess, crosswords, Sudoku, wordoku, mazes, logic puzzles, brain bafflers, card games, magic tricks, travel kits, large print versions and many more. We strive to provide children with materials of highest quality, based on innovative designs, and concepts that will grab their attention and provide a fun multi- sensory, making them love this experience. At Art Factory, children are our teachers and our inspiration.  We understand how they develop. We see how they play. And we recognize that every day play leads to extraordinary learning! We are committed towards creating books that inspire and entertain, through innovative and forward thinking approach. We are thrilled to be able to bring the best of fun and learning to children around the world. Our Safety Assurance: Although our products scream fun we take the business of safety very seriously.  When it comes to children, there is no room for compromise and no reason to cut corners. This is why we have always gone above and beyond what was required of us to ensure that our products, once in the hands of kids, would guarantee a safe experience. Our books, games and toys are designed, developed and manufactured with every child's safety in mind.  Before we ever go into production the product is pre-tested, including all components and packaging to ensure their safety prior to bulk production and final assembly. Furthermore, production runs are regularly retested to ensure continued compliance with our specifications and safety requirements. Here at Art Factory we are all parents too and it goes without saying that the safety of everyone's children is the number one priority for us. We are happy to discuss our policies and procedures in greater depth should you have any questions. About JJ Imprints: Established in 1982, JJ Imprints is one of the leading organization in the print industry with its head office based in Noida (in the vicinity of New Delhi), Uttar Pradesh, India. Absolute attention to quality, meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled level of service has made JJ a leading specialist in Design, Prepress, Printing and distribution services. In a short span the company has established itself in its segment with long list of satisfied clients. The product range covers books in monochrome and multicolor, coffee table and children's books, school textbooks, dated products (diaries and calendars) and also thin paper products including  Bibles & dictionaries for domestic and international markets. JJ also scores in the production of high quality commercial literature including magazines, brochures, catalogues, annual reports and many more. Today, JJ provides comprehensive print solutions to companies from all types of industries, from  book  publishers to media companies, to pharmaceutical industry. We always had the insight to anticipate the demands of our clients and have positioned our products and services to meet their demands. At JJ continuous efforts are being made to develop solutions that will meet the challenges of tomorrow. The company puts customer satisfaction as its top priority. Our development and acceptance of technology and automation advancements allow us to promote productivity and help us manage our clients and their regular needs. Customers across the world look for customized and personalized service; we at JJ provide a market driven and progressive outcome that has given rise to next generation products. We offer our clients a broad variety of printing options and specialize in providing unique solutions, tailor-made to the needs of the client, from the initial planning stage and upto the final product. JJ Imprints Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. Rigid quality standards are maintained at JJ, ensuring client's product consistency and data integrity, along with complying with industry standards. We have an impressive database of satisfied customers in India. We believe in strong business ethics with sincerity and honesty. JJ's strength is regular investment in latest technology and its in-built automated infrastructure. We have dedicated and committed team of workforce, working under one roof to achieve a common goal of global presence with quality product. Its our precision to quality and prompt service, that makes a difference.
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