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An insane shopping experience where you get to try all our sports products under one roof. Over 50+ sports with a variety of over 5000+products.

Decathlon is a French sports equipment and sportswear company founded in 1976. We sell sports products in more than  1,000 stores in 26 countries around the world and develop our own products. At Decathlon, you will find a choice of 5000 products and equipment covering over 50 sports. The sports products and equipment are not just technically superior but also affordable to everyone. The equipment ranges caters to all levels of competency – from beginners to experts. Sports enthusiasts can actually try all the sports gear before the purchase.

Globally we have 150+ million satisfied customers and 70,000 + employees. In India, alone we have 2000+ employees and growing fast.

Decathlon has a philosophy of “Sport for all, All for Sport”. The vision is to make sports available to every individual by creating an environment that makes sport easily accessible to all.  In India, Decathlon has 37 stores and 4 stores in NCR. 

Decathlon Gurgaon Store is the first Decathlon store in Gurgaon which was opened on the 14th of Nov 2015. Traditionally, the Decathlon stores are a stand-alone store, however, the Gurgaon store is a mall concept store called Fit-Out store.  The store has a 1,900 sqm shopping area and additionally includes a playground where the public is welcome to try the products and play their favorite sports.  The selection of gear is so extensive you can be forgiven for forgetting what you came in for. We have equipment ranging from fishing, hiking, basketball and football gear, golfing equipment, running paraphernalia, horse riding extras {except the horse}, target sports {including archery and darts}, racket sports, and all fitness-related gear {including body and cardio training and gymnastics}.

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Omaxe Celebration Mall, Subhash Chowk Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana Subhash Chowk HR IN - 122103   Sohna Road   Nearest Metro Station: Hudda City Centre
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