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They do Hands and Feet Castings of kids & adults.

Do you remember the first time your baby held your finger? Or how tiny their hands and feet are?

We can keep that memory alive by preserving your child's hand/foot in a beautiful casting heirloom!

Touch those tiny hands and feet forever with our new 3D  baby keepsakes. Available in your choice of 3D footprints, 3D handprints, or one handprint and one footprint. After all, what parent or grandparent doesn't enjoy the adorable, chubby fingers and little toes of their baby

Our little ones grow too quickly, let us help you preserve their memories that both you and your child will cherish for a lifetime.

There are unlimited reasons why you could do a Hand Casting!  Hand castings are most commonly done for infants and toddlers.  It is a very special way to catch those precious moments when their hands and feet are so tiny.  Those moments are fleeting and they grow so fast!!  Were they ever really that little?  Get one done  on their birthday each year and see how they've grown!!!

 Give them as gifts!  Which grandparent wouldn't cherish a casting of their little grandchild.  Glue it to the edge of a photo frame, or mount it in a shadow box with other special mementos.  A cherished gift that will last forever.

Do a Double Casting.  Parent and child’s hand together to remember always that special bond between you.

Thinking about Process !!!

Using a gentle casting mousse, we mold your baby’s feet and then turn those molds into unique hands/feet casts

We use a food quality grade impression material made of plant extracts which is completely safe and non toxic. Our material is carefully selected from many available products for the high-quality, detailed impressions it produces. The molding impression is a very quick procedure requiring under a minute for babies and children.

Our castings capture every detail, as they exist, right now! Don't wait until your baby is older. Now is the time to capture the fleeting moment that will not return!

We do home/ venue visit for impression session.

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