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6 to 10
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Our collection in format of books and cds Are Available
CD & book Collection of 20
20 best of kidzomamic rhyme with music. Audio cd with a booklet of lyrics.
1. Rocking and learning rhymes
collection of 15 rhyme
This book is a collaborative of dance and activity songs for kids to learn and enjoy like Anima song, vegetable s8ng,colour songand many others action and dance songs etc .

2. Rhymes on thinngs around us
Collection of 15 rhymes
Small rhymes on things around us for liftte tots .

3 Family and friends songs
Collection of 15 rhymes
Rhymes on dad ,mom baby and friends etc.

4.kidzomanc rhyme
Collection of 45 fresh new rhymes.( it includes all 3 books mentioned above)..

Kidzomania is a treasure of new, fresh energetic rhymes. The site is showcasing a few of them. Kidzomania rhymes are very lively and highly entertaining. These poems are written and composed according to children's mindset.  And therfore they help to give basic teachings as well as inculcating healthy habbits .

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Ms. Rachita Arora
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