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8 to 18
Key Attractions brings a ScienceForYou Magazine Subscription which comes with a Do It Yourself Science Kit every month for next one year. The Magazine is filled with information on experiential science. You will learn concepts in basic science and also how to do some cool eperiments at home. The science kit provided with the magazine will let you make a working model or let you play with the concepts of science with wonderful science toys. These kits are re-usable : All components are stored away post an experiment to allow for a repository to be built up. The Magazine and the Science Kit will be sent DIRECTLY to the homes of the subscriber. Each shipment builds on a theme and allows for the recipient (irrespective of age) to experiment & experience a new set of application in practical science. Every shipment allows for multiple experiments EACH of which have variations. This means there will be literally HUNDREDS of experiments done over a subscription period of an year translating to less than Rs. 20/- per experiment variation!
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Mr. Manish Agrawal
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