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Age Group
0 to 7
Monday to Sunday
10 am to 8 pm
Key Attractions
100% safe and clean toys cleaned with sanitizers and disinfectants
Free home delivery and pick up service with an option of cash on delivery
Flexible Membership plans


Toys are loads of fun, and are also a source of many teachings – coherence , strategy, logic, concentration and much more. So why limit your reach to this knowledge source.

YourToyLibrary is a toy rental service that aims to provide families in the local area access to a wide range of high quality toys at an affordable price, and encourages families to spend time playing with their children. Quality toys are expensive and their play value gets exhausted as children progress through developmental milestones, or simply become bored of the old toy. By renting toys, parents can save money by accessing new toys every week or two, and significantly reduce the stock pile of toys at home


Benefits of subscribing to YourToyLibrary

Rent a different toy every week for your kid Discover your child’s taste for fun….No risk of buying a toy that does not please Safe and clean toys…cleaned with organic material, Sanitizers and disinfectants after every use Free home delivery and Pick Up service with an option of Cash on Delivery Flexible Membership plan Avoid clutter and Wastage
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Mrs. Alka Bhargava
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Tower 7, Apt 702 Vipul Greens, Sector 48, Sohna Road Opposite Fortune Hotel HR IN - 122018   Sohna Road  
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