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Age Group
2 to 6

What is Candycane Club?


We offer an Early education box for toddlers and pre-schoolers… delivered to your door-step.


Children in the age group of 2-6 years are developing rapidly and it is hard to figure out the right game or learning activity for the child.  As parents, we either overshoot or undershoot. 


Candy Cane Club help you by delivering a  box every month filled with an integrated selection of educational toys, books, and activities that are carefully matched to your child’s unique developmental needs.


Why should you register your child for the Candycane Club Monthly Box?


Candycane Club monthly box aids the development of your child in the seven types of intelligence :

1. Linguistic and verbal skill   : expression

2. Logical intelligence            : math and logic

3. Spatial intelligence            : pictures

4. Body/movement intelligence          : gross and fine motor skills

5. Musical intelligence                       : rhyme and rhythm

6. Interpersonal intelligence    : communication of ideas

7. Intrapersonal intelligence    : analyzing things

8. Naturalist intelligence          : understanding natural world


How does it work?


Register for the box. Provide details of your child to our representative . start receiving the monthly box. Each box will contain

A Toys -  to develop gross & fine motor skills A Book – to develop vocabulary, language, imagination, good personality traits A Puzzle -  to develop logic, analytical thinking, problem solving, Craft material- to  develop fine motor skills, creativity, spatial sense, colour sense Work-sheets –  to review learning and  develop memory. An Engagement planner – activities for the child, parent-child togetherness activities, Video Links for craft ideas so the child can see and copy.


Participate in our Facebook page. Post your child pictures , read reviews of other members, leave suggestions and participate in cool contests to win super prizes.

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