Sweet Passions

location_on Chembur
Age Group
1 to 21
Services Offered
Chocolate Cakes, Fresh Cream Cakes, All Occasion Less Quantity Cakes, Cartoon Shape Cakes, Baby & Kiddies Cakes, Celebration & Wedding & Anniversaries, 3-D Cakes For Children, Photo Cakes, Other Mix Shape Cakes, Cakes for Girls, Fancy Gift Packings, Imported Toys Theme Cakes, 3D Cakes For Grown-ups, 3D Photo Cut-Out Cakes, Cupcakes & Dessert Jars, Fancy Couples & Stands

SWEET PASSIONS is a well-known name in Mumbai specializing in desserts due to its personal and professional touch. Whatever be the occasion or even just a simple celebration, we have cakes suited just for every occasion. With the finest quality ingredients and secret home grown recepies, we deliver nothing but the finest cakes and desserts in the business

So go ahead and pamper yourself. Remember making desserts is our passion if eating is yours!

Contact Person
Ms. Preeti
Contact No.
9167968988, 9821340799, 9820003363, 9820003364
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B -15, Eden Gardens, S.T. Road, Chembur Near R.K Studio MH IN - 400093   Chembur  
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