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Age Group
0.30 to 10
Days & Timings
8:00:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Average Fees
On Request
Air Conditioned Rooms
Doctor On Call
Pick-up and Drop Facility
Child Attendant Ratio
Other Activities
We have a indoor and outdoor play area, We also take Art and Craft classes and Dance

 Why VCare?

In this demanding real world, family structures & work patterns are changing. We are living in a time when a high percentage of mothers are working outside the home. And although you would love to be there to watch every step that your precious little one takes, there seems to be less and less time to do it.

So VCare would love to share the responsibility by providing a warm nurturing experience…..coz we believe…“Happiness is homemade.”


Safe & Sound VCare

We all know that children grow best in a warm, loving environment where they feel secure & where they can build trust in themselves & those who care for them. Home-like atmosphere where something new & exciting awaits them everyday.

Well being of children is prime, therefore, all safety measures have been taken to ensure a child friendly secure & sanitized environment. Proper daily & weekly procedures are in place to keep the premises clean & healthy. Indoor & Outdoor play would be watched at all times. You can watch it too through our net connected CCTV coverage. We believe strongly in the importance of security & therefore no child will be released without proper authorisation.

Our dedicated & caring staff will lead the child to an independent, self-confident, creative & inquisitive appreciation of the world. All children need a place to call their own & VCare provides just that.


Benefits of VCare

The kids would be involved at any point of time in age appropriate structured & guided tasks which result in multiple skill development.

Ø Social & emotional development Ø Positive approach to learning Ø Language development Ø Physical well being & motor development Ø General knowledge Ø Character development


We are therefore able to complement & reinforce a parent’s effort to develop their child’s full potential. VCare where Caring & Enrichment go hand in hand.


Talk to VCare

Good communication is important to a successful partnership. That’s why we welcome parents to stay in touch through any means of communication.


A Day at VCare

Circle Time – Ensures social growth, isn’t that the most important to exist in today’s world.

Reading Time – We have a well stocked library to ensure that books will be your child’s best friends.

Art & Craft Time – The best way to express oneself… we will supply all art & craft material that is needed.

Dramatic play time – They are well versed with this, we can take a lesson from them when it comes to drama perhaps.

Meal time – We  work hard to polish their eating habits & assist children who cannot feed themselves.

Nap time – If your child has a special blanket or toy that they nap with please send it across. Else we are stocked well for all.

Music & Dance time – We dance to their tunes….just like you.

Outdoor time –All work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull boy or girl…. Yippee we have outdoor play daily.

TV time – The lesser the better; don’t you agree.

Tidy up time – We teach them to clear atleast a little of the mess they create.

Wash-up & change time – An angel should look like an angel na.. we will keep them neat & tidy at all times…almost.

Party time – Wish this could happen everyday. We will celebrate the Birthday of all children in our care.


Pack your bag for VCare

On a daily basis, you need to send 1 pair of clothes only.


The Only Don’ts at VCare

Bullying, Biting, Tantrums & other misbehaviour.

Verbal explanations & time outs will be the only form of discipline used. We will explain to the child why what they have done is not acceptable. If there is an on going discipline issue with your child, we will set up a time to talk with you privately on how to correct the issue.


Sorry V Can’t care when you are unwell

Children who are ill are not allowed to attend. If your child develops symptoms during the day, you will be contacted to pick up your child. Your child is required to be symptom free before returning to day care.  

Parents are requested to notify the provider if their child has a contagious disease or has been ill. This is for the protection of the other children in the day care.

If medications need to be administered during day care hours, written instructions are required. Medications must be in the original containers. This is for your child’s safety.


When Emergency calls at VCare

Every precautionary measure is taken to ensure a safe & child friendly environment; however, the centre will not be responsible for any injury sustained or mishap that may occur. In case of any emergency, we will contact Dr. Patwardhan or Dr. Uma Venkateshwaran or the Dr. mentioned by you & of course you.


Eat healthy at VCare

We will be providing healthy breakfast, soups, salads, porridge, lunch & snacks approved by a dietician. Kids at VCare love food…Yummy yummy in my tummy.


To & Fro from VCare

We can introduce you to the transport operators who are operating for many schools & preschools of Chembur and you can be in direct contact with them. Pickup or dropping the child at a close by destination is workable but longer distances transport would be charged at actuals in advance. Availing this facility is subject to approval of caregivers.

We require you to give us the pick up & drop details of the child in writing. Any change in this schedule must be informed in writing on the same morning.


When does VCare work & holiday

We are operational Mon-Fri: 8 am to 7 pm; Sat: 8 am to 5 pm.

We will be off on Sundays, all bank holidays, 1 week of Diwali & 1 week of summer, which are paid holidays.


How to get started at VCare

There will be non-refundable registration charge per child.

You need to pay a one month fee in advance as a security deposit.

All payments to be made in advance by Cheque/Cash by the first of every month.

Late payment will incur a penalty of Rs. 200/-.

If the payment is not made it will result in removal of the child’s name from the roll & cancellation of the registration & re-admission will be subject to availability of the seat & caregivers discretion.

Any returned cheque will incur a penalty of Rs. 200/- per transaction.

Late fee penalty of Rs. 200/- may also be applicable if the child is not picked up at the designated time from the centre.

In case the child is absent or out on a holiday, the centre needs to be informed.

1 month written notice is required for termination of the contract on the part of the parent. The parent is responsible for payment of the notice period even if the child is not in attendance.

Readmission to the centre after a break is subject to availability of the seat & the care-givers discretion.

All payments are non-refundable, non-transferable & non-negotiable.

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Mr. Madanlal Sharma
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